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- walmart said i was shop liftting and i went to jail

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look it started about a year ago , i was gettin my 1st set of tiers and i went smat i thought . well i paid 345.00 for a set from walmart and the put the wrong ones on so i went bake and they told me they didnt have any for my car so i went on shopping and i had a coustermer sevice person tell me they found some for my car any way 5 days later 2 blowed out on the same side and they made me buy 2 new tirers and 2 hub caps and 2 new rims ....so in between now and then i got in to it with walmart personal and evertime i go to wall mart i tell the tire deal from *** story i even lost it i did dough nuts in the parking lot on two flats cause the warrenty i paid for was just *** bunch of ***

anyway i went to wal mart and used my ebt card and the machein said unautherized itams so i ask the ladie for help she cleared the machean i got my recipt and walked about ten feet right in front of the door walmart pesonal at location cantreal rd keith said i had unpaid itams in my basket come to find out

i was to use my card 2 times once for cash and once for food i didnt know

i tried to pay for these things and the guy kith said he seen me ring 5 things up at one time and then he said i didnt hold it close enough for the scanner

i had to call the police because the manger was in my face the same one from the tirers i asked him nice the first time to please step bake i wonted my recipt to prove that i had paid for my stuff but i was wrong

i went to jail and was o r

that means they let me go

i guess it pays to let the teller do the work. but the thing is there was a laddie who booked me she told me a good lawers name and i called him as soon as i got home

please post this agin and agin this shouldnt have happen i feel violated and pist off

save your self the trouble and dont shop wal mart and the dollar tree is funner any way

and if it ant to much to ask could i get some vasolin case i feel f----ed thank you wal mart i hope that you go broke andyour market crashes

but lets get bake to after i got out of jail i and my children and bill went bake to wal mart to have are money put on my card they only placed 190.00 they owed us 374.00 so i also placed a theft charge on them but they didnt go to jail

it all about who you know and how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

wal marts known for useing the poor man in the us to china

they sell cheep things that dont last

im not a sattisfid costormer

by michelle lynn scheibner wall mart wont ever see another dollar from me

Monetary Loss: $400.

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In addition to the lousy spelling and such. You made a misstatement of fact.

You stated you were OR, which meant they turned you loose. I happen to be a former cop, and OR does not mean they let you go. It means you were release on your own recognizance, which means you were not made to pay a bail bond.

You still have to show up for your trial. I hope you called that lawyer, as you haven't got the wherewithall to go up against the Prosecuting attorney.


I bought many things from wallmart including a cookware set. When I was at home I saw some pieces were missing.

It was my first week in the USA. The manager described me wallmart. I went to another wallmart by bus. Then they didn't want to take it back.

It was on sunday and very cold.

I waited 45 minutes for bus with a huge bad (also i walked 1 mile). Then I asked myself what kind of country I came to.


Wow, I couldn't even read the letter very well. Please if you write something have someone or spell check check what you write before submitting it. coustermer=customer, bake=back, machean=machine, laddie=lady, tirers=tires, recipt, receipt, blowed=blew, are money=our money, useing=using...just some examples.


:grin....hey next time you can use my discount card so you can buy hooked on phonics--Learn to Spell...LMFAO!!!!