El Cajon, California

I was double charged on a transaction for the amount of $310.45 , when I called Walmart MoneyCard support and customer service I was told to provide proof from the processing company because they can't make outside calls to investigate , after providing them with a proof that the processing company reversed the charges and refunded the money back to my card, they said they already closed the case and can't refund the money , and I am $310 poorer and can't do anything with Walmart to help me , no one is willing to provide me with any proof that they actually worked on my case or actually contacted the card processing company , someone got my $310 and Walmart MoneyCard is not giving it back to me

Monetary Loss: $310.

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When a transaction is processed there is a transaction number if that and the amount are the same the card should be credited accordingly. It sounds like Walmart closed the card account before the processing company corrected the error.

Contact the processing company and have them send proof to Walmart money card showing that you were double charged and that were credited after Walmart money card closed the account. Hope this helps, unlike anonymous from Sioux falls, sd ignorant comment and we all know its the old hag from Sioux falls, sd...ip addresses do not lie...hehe gotcha!


First you say you were double charged on you money card, then you say eventually the money was refunded back to your card, then you make it sound like you want more refunded. Why should you get more back than the amount you were overcharged? Something here just doesn't make any sense.