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Walmart on Ashland Terrace, Hixson, TN: Double charged!

PLEASE CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS CLOSELY!!!!! I was buying groceries on December 30, 2015 with my daughter for a New Year's Eve celebration. Twice I ran my card through, and twice Walmart said it was declined. I had just checked my bank account prior to entering the store so I knew everything was fine with my account. My daughter ran her card through to pay for the groceries. I immediately called my bank to if there was a problem. I was told by my BANK that the FIRST charge from Walmart went through. I went back inside Walmart to tell them my FIRST charge did go through. The manager actually said, "Well, your BANK is wrong and we are not responsible for ILLEGAL charges made by your BANK. This was a manager, talk about scary!! He also said that "one of the charges" would drop off, but, I explained to him that my daughter had used her card to pay for the groceries and that because two different cards were used, none of the charges would drop off. I called my bank again immediately and relayed the information and started the dispute process. Walmart is STILL TRYING TO CLAIM THE CHARGE ON MY CARD DID NOT GO THROUGH! UNBELIEVABLE!

I am DONE with shopping at Walmart. I have been shopping there for 30+ YEARS. My dad even worked at a Walmart (managed by a friend of his) after he retired. TALK ABOUT A SHAME-SHAME ON WALMART FOR NOT TRAINING YOUR MANAGERS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Reason of review: DOUBLE CHARGED!.

Monetary Loss: $170.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Pros: Cleanliness, Low prices.

Walmart Cons: First time i have had to complain, Horrible customer service, Manager was very rude.

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You won't be missed, if this is the only thing that happened to you in 30 years and you boycott them you won't be missed. You will not always get perfect customer service everywhere and every time. If you boycott a whole place because of one bad experience soon you will have no where to shop, dine ect.


You must be a walmart associate. Same attitide.


Oh never mind, I got this straightened out. The charge that the bank was talking about was for last week, not December 30th. T


Maybe you should've talked to your bank before *** online. You are exactly the type of person I hate dealing with. I hope you *** die a slow and horrible and painful death because I can almost guarantee that you won't be missed, what a *** self entitled *** ***.