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I don't know why they censored the word bre ast, but whatever.

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I went to Dr. Bill Parker who has a local office at my local Walmart supercenter here in Marina, California to get my *** enlarged based on the recommendation of who I thought was a good friend.

I paid a substantial amount of money for the procedure that they have also refused to refund me for. When I got to the office the receptionist Lisa was very rude and shoved a whole ton of forms in my face to fill out and demanded I pay up front for the procedure. I finally got the procedure done which left me in pain for many weeks. The implants have somehow melted in my *** and have caused my *** to look like popped balloons, and they have now turn a bruised, bluish color.

As of today my *** are now just bungee jumping off my chest and I am afraid they may actually fall off. I am going to my regular family doctor tommorow to try to see what can be done. I can't wear a bra now and I have to wear a shirt that doesn't strap my *** too hard because of the pain. Dr.

Bill Parker is going to be sued for malpractice. I am also talking to a lawyer.


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Wonder if employees get a discount there?


Super confused. You got a breast enlargement done at Walmart?


That's what I was thinking. Let alone, I don't know why that type of doctor would have an office in a WalMart.

I know some stores have medical clinics in them but that is usually a family physician or a physician's assistant that is in those offices. Something is fishy here.


Well this was in California.


We have things at Walmarts in California they don't have in other parts of the country.