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I am an employee who have been working here for a month and got in trouble for not wearing "dress code" recently. For the pass three weeks, I been wearing dress code when I first started, but as time passes, I noticed that some employees does not even wear dress code.

What *** me off more was that when I was called in for orientation, the lady told me to wear navy blue shirt, so I went and bought myself navy blue shirts, which in turn was suppose to be navy collar shirts when I went in for orientation. I already spent my money on navy blue shirt and do not even have money to spend more money on collar shirts that I was suppose to wear for work. I limit myself with the money I spent because I am a college student and only work during the weekend, Friday through Sunday. I need to save money on books, which are already expensive.

When the lady saw that I was not wearing dress code, I told her I understand, which she did not clearly understand because I usually speak in a lower voice. She give me that look and says, "What?" in a really mean way. I have to repeated myself and was already angry because she think that I was being an *** when she was. I also have that resting b**** face which look like I do not care.

Other than that if you look around, almost 99% of the employee does not even wear dress code. I see employee who wear jeans, which we are not allow to wear; hoodies, and different color shorts, which is only suppose to be navy blue or white, no other colors different for that; meaning no light blue or dark blue.

If I get in trouble, then everybody should get in trouble. The only reason I am keep this job is because I have to.

Reason of review: Dress Code.

Walmart Cons: Dress code, Employee.

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Walmart is not known for professional-looking, pleasant and normal employees. I understand your predicament, but get that degree and then something better than working with those stuck at Walmart.