Bolingbrook, Illinois

I presented at the drive up window to pick up my prescriptions. I was the only one at the window at that time, and pressed the call button. No one responded to my call so I pushed the call button again. A voice said she would be with me in a minute. In the mean time, someone else came to the other drive up window and pushed the call button. As I waited for her to reture to me, she waited on the other person first. Then she came to me after about ten minutes.

I asked her why she didn't wait on me first and she said she couldn't tell who was at the window first. I said that didn't make any sense. If that were true, how do you know which person gets what medicine. There has to be a way to know which drive up you're using.

Apparently, she decided she was going to teach me a lesson for questioning her. So she said she would be back in a minute and then waited on all the other cars at the drive up window in the other lane. I waited and waited and waited.

I am upset, not only was she rude, I think what she did deserves reprimand. ( I do have her name)

After she came back to my screen to then wait on me see said I was rude and I need to treat people better. How dare her tell me how to act when clearly she was in the wrong.

After, her last comment, she that said God bless, I am agnostic and how dare she make a comment to me with the reference of God. She doesn't know my faith and by the way she acted, she should probably bless herself, as I believe she needs it.

I wasn't aware that Walmart blessed there customers. That is probably something that could get them (Walmart) in a lot of trouble.



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You know what Jason, I was probably rude to her. However it was only because I was not on medication.

I need my medication to control. My moods. While I admit I was rude, she should not have taught me a lesson by serving other customers before me. I was swearing at her which was when she said that I needed to treat people better.

When I took my medication to apologize she also apologized. Because I took my medication I was able to calmly explain what happened. It turned out that they did not have my prescription fully ready. I admit I can be very mean and nasty when I am not on my medication.

I was off my medication for three days and the medication I took previously was wearing out. Thank you for writing in my letter.


Well there are two sides of the story, and sounds to me like you were rude. She was teaching you a lesson for being rude.

Children need to be taught lessons, and if you were acting like a six year old than you will get treated like a six year old. I just have one question. Where did you get your license if you were using the drive up window. Last time I checked you had to be 16 yo to have a license.

How low is the seat that you can reach both the gas petal and steering wheel at the same time? I am 16 and still waiting for my license.

I will be going for the test in November. It is not fair that at six you somehow got your license, or were you borrowing your parents car.