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I just finish talking to Main corporate of Brookside on ref.# 009560838A on 02/03/2017 I been very sick with diarreha on your shelf of Brookside dated best by August 08, 2016, that I purchase at your Fort pierce store zip code 34947 today 02/03/2017 Have receipt to prove it. And just to advise you I didn't buy it 7 months ago at 34950 cause I was not living here at fort pierce, you have put on your shelfs past due food, that i'm sick with diarrhea and nauseated.

If I fell worst be going to Hospital (that will be worst) so I will want someone to call me, here is my information for my claim. Grace Guerra 707 N.W. 7th. St.

Apt.# 231 Fort Pierce, Fl. 34950 786-970-2868

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $358.

Preferred solution: sick with diareha, have conf# from Brookside (hershey) # 009560838A.

Walmart Cons: Past due food on shellf from last year, Food products on shelf with past due dates, Past due date on food products of past 7 months.

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Address? Nice OMW sweetheart ; )


I have been watching a container of expired cottage cheese sit on the walmart shelf for the past few months. I only noticed it because I bought some that was terribly expired and threw it away and went to get more...

but checking the date before...

Every two weeks when I go grocery shopping I still look at the date and even turn it around so the date is facing out..

and it still sits... expired 6/18/2016...