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Damn app selected my gift cards ALL BY ITSELF as the default payment method when using walmart pay. Problems came when I was trying to pay for my $43.80 purchase at the store.

It deducted the $8.16 I had left on the gift card. Something I DID NOT WANT DONE. And then the stupid machines at the store won't let the cashier set it up again for walmart pay. So I had to use my own card to pay the rest of the balance.

So much for being useful! What kind of system is walmart running here? The app selects cards without my say so, charges the partial amount to said cards, then prevents walmart pay from being used a second time? DUMB!


But then I suppose that is all part of walmarts plan to make it as inconvenient as possible so no one will even want to use savings catcher anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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#1632695 Learn how to use it. Select on Walmart Pay and on the bottom right on the application press on it and select which one you want to choose.

Credit card, Walmart Gift card, Discover, etc. then scan QR code at the register screen before your check out. Paper receipts were great until criminals found a way to confiscate them and make it hard for some people to get their money.

So this is safer and you save the trees. Walmart employee CSM (I was pissed until I learned)