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The restrooms at the Ashford Dunwoody location in GA is absolutely nasty

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Of course it got "duspicable" because of the filthy customers. Walmart certain didn't do it.


So the OP's complaint is with the customers, Not Walmart.


Sorry, but the providers of a public restroom are responsible for it's maintenance and cleanliness, even if their customers are the ones making it "nasty". The public is well known to be unwilling/unable to clean up after themselves, and it's just another cost of doing business with the public.

Frankly, when I was in the business of cleaning this kind of facility, it was (surprisingly) the woman's restroom that was consistently the worst in terms of absolute nastiness. We cleaned our restrooms twice a day (full clean), and checked it once an hour, as the owner was somewhat of a throwback to the era when service stations actually provided service.


What in the world does the word duspicable mean?

I have no idea what that word means.

So how is Walmart supposed to know what that word means?

So did you contact store management about the problem before posting this complaint?

Exactly what do you want Walmart to do about this?