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this is the most useless piece of *** &^%%&* one has ever had the pleasure to get involved with. save your time and patience and shop at a place the humans use.

To be quite blunt.. a gentleman will buy stock in walmart but will never be seen dead in one. I have never wasted soooooo much time in all my life. You can't imagine how dreadful the experience was.

I will never use this company again in my entire life. no shi*&^. Parden me reptious following sentence but I must put at least 100 words in this review for it to work. Yet another dreadful miss fortune.

I quite frankly cant understand how buying a e- gift card can be so complicated. It reminds me of a honeymoon in Brighton as Holmes would say. As you can see I am just wasting words to make this work. walmart sucks.

sucks. sucks. and always has.

Can you only imagine the clientele that patronises the place? That is why you would only have stock in the place and not be seen dead in the parking lot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart E-Gift Gift Card.

Reason of review: you suck. and you always have. I only wanted a ecard for someone else. I have never been in your store and never will. your retail outlet has always been ghosh and for the less fortunate that is how the entrepreneur gains coin..

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What is this complaint About? I Cannot make sense of this complaint.