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Update by user Jun 18, 2013

Well, it took 2 days they finally emailed my son the information needed to redeem the card.

If the delivery time is 48 hours that is what they should put on the description online. I would have been fine with that because I would have sent the money he needed though a different method.

I learned a lesson and will never trust Walmart again.

Original review posted by user Jun 17, 2013

Website states the recipient will receive within minutes usually, it has been over 24 hours and still nothing they took my money immediately out of my account but still have not sent the card information to my son who is in a different city waiting for money he needed .I complained to Walmart customer service who sent back a generic response to my email.

Well it has been 24 hours and still nothing, they just keep saying it is processing?

what is there to process send the email you sent me two already???

This is absolutely a rip off! Do not trust the website or Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

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I bought a ROBLOX gift card and they took my money and never received any notices or any information about the Ecard!! I called customer service to see what happened and they said you been declined for the card for reasons I was never told about!!! This is my fifth day waiting and no information about anything, so I’ll never order anything from Walmart online again!!!

Acworth, Georgia, United States #1309014

I bought an e gift card. The next day (her birthday) it still wasn't delivered.

I cancelled and sent an Amazon instead. It was delivered immediately.

Walmart....you can't compete with the big Amazon if you can't deliver a simple e card in a timely manner. Was willing to give you a try, but you missed the mark.

Coram, New York, United States #1261724

I bought a Microsoft Xbox one point ecard. They said it usually ships in minutes but no more than 4 hours.

It's been over 12 hours. I chatted with a representative and all she could say was oh it can take as long as 24 hours. I told them that is false advertisement. I could have went to game stop and got it within 5 minutes.

Buttttttttttt they took my money out of my account ASAP. Walmart SUCK.

to Tiffany M #1409226


Chicago, Illinois, United States #1189211

This is an employee.Stop Lying!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1189207

I just had the same problem. They are seriously full of it. No need to explain because you explained everything.


SAME HERE!! I E-Delivery some Playstation Cards and Itune Cards electronically through Email but it took them 1-2 days when they say it should take no longer than 4 hours on their site!!!

I did this more than 6 times to make sure it isn't just me again but it's still the same!! Quite upset, only reason why I choose walmart to get my e-delivery is because I have my Associate discount for cheaper price. But other than that, When I tried out Amazon, like 3 times before, and it literally took less than 5minute and I received it!!!

WOW I was amazed I order 2 separate card from these two site at same time to see which is faster, apparantly I got all my e-delivery cards way sooner than Walmart did. That's my only complaint for e-delivery.


I,Registered to win a $1000 dollar gift card ,the company project was ,24 hrs.,I,even asked feedback ,no response ,what's wrong ,the Employee ,can't Read .

to Anonymous #1098938

It is not that they cannot read, it is that you cannot write a sentence properly. Why do you have to use so many comma's? People generally cannot read something that is not in proper English.


USUALLY within minutes. USUALLY.

It can take longer during the holidays to process online payments.

USUALLY. It is not a scam.

to LadyScot #1408407

if it is a matter of processing the payment, why is it already out of my account. This is all done on computers by computers at nearly the speed of light. There is no excuse to justify 4 hours, let alone 24 or 48 hours.


I was sent one but when I went to use it at the store it was refused.


It probably went into his or your SPAM folder!


I have learned my lesson this is about the 4th egift card that I have had issues with .. I get blank emails ...

And always have to speak to a higher personel to get the issue resolved ... It was a whole 5 days online before I finally got it ... I try and give a company a fair shake and let them redeem themselves ... But when I order something by email I shouldn't have to wait a week or even 48 hrs to get it ...

When Amazon does it in 2 minutes.

Never Again !!!! You have lost a customer !!!

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1267397

You may have to enable graphics in your email client.


same thing happened to me and the web service customer support was useless. I was able to cancel my order (worth $200) too bad for Walmart!


This is kiting and fraud operation engineered by WalMart to make extra float on your money and launder it as genuine revenue to pad their books! I had the same.

I paid CASH for a gift and made an order at walmart.com. They cancelled the order within MINUTES yet are still holding the money hostage 13 hours later! They also cited "security" as the issue. The only fraud I see is going on on THEIR end!

It's interesting that money they claim isn't good enough to buy products from their site, yet it's perfectly good enough to earn a float from what they are claiming are fraudulent funds!

I'm pretty sure there is a RICO violation somewhere in there! The FTC seriously needs to look into this scam and SHUT IT DOWN!

to JacobNixon Woodbury, Connecticut, United States #995182

Keep downvoting, shills! You can't deny the truth!

to JacobNixon Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #995201

You can't deny that you get butthurt when someone down votes your comment. Think maybe you just like to create drama? There comes a time where a person needs to grow up.


Same bs. I called and they told me it will be within 48 hours that it's a security issue. Well, verify the information and issue it!

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