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Update by user Jun 18, 2013

Well, it took 2 days they finally emailed my son the information needed to redeem the card.

If the delivery time is 48 hours that is what they should put on the description online. I would have been fine with that because I would have sent the money he needed though a different method.

I learned a lesson and will never trust Walmart again.

Original review posted by user Jun 17, 2013

Website states the recipient will receive within minutes usually, it has been over 24 hours and still nothing they took my money immediately out of my account but still have not sent the card information to my son who is in a different city waiting for money he needed .I complained to Walmart customer service who sent back a generic response to my email.

Well it has been 24 hours and still nothing, they just keep saying it is processing?

what is there to process send the email you sent me two already???

This is absolutely a rip off! Do not trust the website or Walmart.

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to Tara #981993

How nice for you! Congrats. Unfortunately some of us have had this happen twice now.

Wyoming, United States #879840

I bought a gift card for my granddaughter on 09/30. It's now 10/04 and still no e-mailed gift card as promised by Walmart.

My bank account shows it paid out the $50.00 for the card on 09/30.

I think Walmart is defrauding gullible folks. I will be making a call to our state's attorney general on Monday to give them a report on this interstate commerce violation.

to JJ Harbin, Heilongjiang, China #942579

Hopefully you followed on your report to your State Attorney. My advice to anyone who even mentions Wal-Mart is, "Drop everything and rush over there if you are anxious to get stiffed." Mal-Wart is despicable and infamous in that they make every effort to stiff their suppliers, employees, customers, etc.; they are Masters at what they do.

to Jess #1141937

Its not actually Walmart, its the scummy employees they hire. I have had the same problem with Lowes and Home Depot.

I am not being racists but I would be willing to bet the ones doing the scamming are Black.. Get mad if like, but the truth is the truth. Wake up people This world has been going to *** for years because of Affirmative Action. Read about it.

Make yourself knowledgeable. Get your heads out of the sand and realize the truth of whats happening.

to Anonymous #1444795

You are quite literally being racist, FYI.

to JJ #995156

Gotta love the shills downvoting legitimate complaints! I wish they put this much effort into actually fixing their customer service!

Tyler, Texas, United States #870147

Froze my debit card account for 5 days over a 25 dollar card for my nephews 2nd birthday

Noblesville, Indiana, United States #869907

Same issue here. Wal-Mart is a complete waste and totally non-value added when it comes to customer service and keeping promises.


How do i print them


CORRECTION... Same issue here.

Went to Walmart.com and the eGift card page says "within 24-48 hours (usually within minutes)". I'm now well OVER 48 hours and still no email. Logged in and it still says "processing". Spoke to Customer Service...

useless! If it's a fraud issue, they should be able to verify my info when they had me on the phone.

I will NEVER buy a gift card from them again. What a waste of my time!!!

to Anonymous #846704

umm....hello they're making interest off the day or two they have your money before they release it...think how much they make each day they have it...lol ..

to Saerryn #995158

You are absolutely right Saerryn! I'm estimating they make BILLIONS off of their kiting operations to keep the shareholders happy!

They barely have to sell products anymore to make a profit! Downvote THAT, shills!

to JacobNixon #995183

Major shill downvoting here! Not even an hour ago I posted here and I'm receiving downvotes! WAY TOO OBVIOUS!


Same issue here. Went to Walmart.com and the eGift card page says "within 24 hours (usually within minutes)".

I'm now well OVER 24 hours and still no email. Logged in and it still says "processing". Spoke to Customer Service... useless!

If it's a fraud issue, they should be able to verify my info when they had me on the phone.

I will NEVER buy a gift card from them again. What a waste of my time!!!


I will never, ever buy a Walmart egift card again. 48 hours later and still no delivery.

I spoke with a Supervisor on their phone support who put me on hold for 24 minutes and returned to tell me that he spoke with their billing office and assured me that "it should be posted by the end of tonight; if not first thing tomorrow morning." What the heck!? He told me that the hold was for my protection to ensure that I was the actual purchaser. Of course, it is now Saturday night and nobody in their finance office called me during business hours on Friday to confirm my identity and purchase. I could have bought a physical card and snail mailed it by now.

I could have bought a laptop and driven it to the recipient by now.

Do not, ever, under any circumstance, purchase a Walmart egift card... buyer beware!

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #784035

The egift card delivery system is horrible. They should not even say that the card will be delivered "within hours" if they take 24-48 hours to process the payment.

I will not use them again.

It's embarrassing to tell someone to watch for it and then it doesn't come. If I had gone directly to the store and swiped my credit card I would have had a gift card by now.

to schnookie Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #964319

That's why I usually go to the store and get the giftcard. I just put the giftcard in an envelope and send it in the mail.

Either that or send it through MoneyGram or Paypal depending on how fast they need it. Probably better off sending it through the post.

You can also go to your post office and send money through there.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #779924

Same thing here, I ordered about 36 hours ago, but the order is still in "processing". I've spoken to three different customer service reps at Walmart.com, but they all say it should be sent any time now OR it could take up to 48 hours.

The last one even told me that it usually DOES take 48 hours even though the website says it "usually sends immediately". I was trying to send grocery money to a relative who REALLY needs it.

What a ploy! Stay away from this scam.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #774052

Same thing as others...the website says in most cases, these are immediate but can take up to 48 hours. I ordered yesterday for my son and checked today, still nothing.

I called customer service and was on hold 15 minutes, when I finally reached someone, they really could not give me an answer. I then (during this call) received a call from someone else in a verification department leaving me a message with an invoice reference and asking me to call back. I hung up with customer service and called the verification number 888-516-2614 with referenced to an invoice #.

I got a message saying they were unavailable but would check emails during off hours and they were closed at this time. They wanted me to leave details with this reference number.

Instead, I have cancelled my order and purchased an e-card from a different store, it went direct to my son's phone and he can get groceries TONIGHT.

This was a total waste of time!


Absolute Same experience. Horrible awful customer service with automated useless replies.

They use different measured terms to be deceptive: immediately, within hours and then "usually immediately but within 48 hours". Good deceptive side stream of revenue Walmart. Hold on to a few million processing payments where you extract funds but do not provide a product- that will net interest in your account. Deceptive to be kind but more feasibly an initial slip stream of revenue that is not in the best interest of the consumer.

An ecard does not require a stocked product, the code should be generated and sent at point of sale. Groupon does it, Amazon does it...this is the industry standard across the board for everyone but Walmart. Sneaky.

Thumbs down Walmart.

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