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Update by user Jun 18, 2013

Well, it took 2 days they finally emailed my son the information needed to redeem the card.

If the delivery time is 48 hours that is what they should put on the description online. I would have been fine with that because I would have sent the money he needed though a different method.

I learned a lesson and will never trust Walmart again.

Original review posted by user Jun 17, 2013

Website states the recipient will receive within minutes usually, it has been over 24 hours and still nothing they took my money immediately out of my account but still have not sent the card information to my son who is in a different city waiting for money he needed .I complained to Walmart customer service who sent back a generic response to my email.

Well it has been 24 hours and still nothing, they just keep saying it is processing?

what is there to process send the email you sent me two already???

This is absolutely a rip off! Do not trust the website or Walmart.

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Ecards paid for with Paypal used to take a few minutes, like the website still states (usually). I'm sure some d-bag genius figured out they could earn millions in interest sitting on the funds for 48 hrs. Very sleazy move by Walmart, one of the sleaziest companies on the planet.

to disgruntled Walmart stooge Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #823210

I realize your message is quite old, but just to say, I paid with paypal and did NOT get the ecard in a few minutes.

to Jackie Arizona City, Arizona, United States #1195680

You know what I paid for my PayPal card and got it within 5 minutes now I pay with my Visa and it's been like 39 hours....


Just an fyi, you can cancel the order....I did and everything was refunded immediately.


The website says "usually immediately" or within 48 hours. I took a chance on "usually immediately"...

What a joke! I ordered at 12:30 on Friday - it's now nearly 48 hours later. Customer service explained the order has to go through an "approval" process first - oh, and "they don't work weekends" - and "they sometimes go home early on Friday"!

But they "should" receive it sometime on Monday....Isn't the point if an e-card to receive it right away?? Don't waste your time!

Redwood City, California, United States #724993

"recipient should receive card within hours of ordering"

Ordered on 9/30, nothing as of 10/3.

Advance, North Carolina, United States #722606

I received by mail a Happy Birthday $10.00 Walmart eGift Card postcard. I went online to receive my card but my personal code was rejected.

How do I receive my card?

Please help me get my birthday happy. Thank you!

to Howard Little #765800

I had a similar experience. I was able to put the code in but they had it for a totally different month and I couldn't use it.

Is this their way of making their customers feel good and then not honor it.

I've called they told me to go to the store, the store told me to call the number on my Walmart credit card which doesn't go to a live person. I'm at the end of my rope for this "nice gift".

Tallahassee, Florida, United States #709441

Im waiti.g two its been 48hrs stll waiting since wed. If I had know wouldnt have sugested.

Waste of time! :(

Everett, Washington, United States #708002

Yup. Happened to me as well.

Used Paypal, and order put on hold for minimum 48 hours. Definitely false advertising.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #707775

I wish I read this before I got sucked into the statement delivered in minutes, it's been over 24 hrs, I paid with PayPal and they tell me it is processing. Customer service says its on a financial hold.

What is that ***. I will never order an egift from Walmart again.

They told the person waiting for it, it takes 48 hours. False advertising if you ask me.

Steamed in MA


So sorry it took so long! There has been a Wal-Mart.com security issue recently and many people (including me) have had their accounts hacked into and thieves have bought egift cards.

Since they are delivered immediately Wal-Mart won't refund any $. I am wondering if Wal-mart has finally decided to increase the delivery time because of this fraud?

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