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Update by user Nov 04, 2018

As of 11/4/18, I have not been contacted by Walmart. On 10/8/18 I wrote a letter to Walmart outlining what I went though. I haven't received any reply from them.

Update by user Oct 07, 2018

NOT resolved, I circumvented part of it. Tried to order a 100.00 e-gift card at 1026AM, yesterday.

I had asked about ordering a lower denomination card during one of my phone calls but they said the order would have to be exactly what I tried to order before. The order went through, approved by my bank. The web site indicates 4 hours but most approved in minutes. At 4PM it still had not been sent.

Called in again. They started the same routine so I asked for a number to call. They gave me the corporate number. I explained the problem to them, they said it would be processed within 24 hours.

I did receive a call today at 3PM. I was from unavailable so I didn't answer it but they left a message. I called back and the transaction should be processed within the hour. It was for the 100.00.

I never was able to get 200.00. There is something really messed up in their process but they refuse to recognize it.

Update by user Oct 04, 2018

Update: I waited an hour after calling Walmart and tried again. They took the order, my bank cleared it and it was canceled it again. I will have to find another way.

Original review posted by user Oct 04, 2018

I ordered two Walmart E-gift cards, one 200.00 card because that is their limit and one 100.00 card. The order was accepted and it cleared my bank because I get notices as soon as something is posted.

The next day I received a notice that the 200.00 was canceled. I did a chat and they said they would challenge the cancellation to alert our validation team to manually review your order, but it will require a new order to be placed. Please wait at least 30 minutes then try again. I waited, tried again, the order was placed, I received notification from the bank and the order was immediately canceled.

I did another chat and was told basically the same procedure. They also mentioned using a different email as a guest. I tried that and got the same accepted, bank notification, canceled. I then tried a different credit card same results.

I did another chat and they asked for my billing address again as they did every time. I gave them the PO box and they said it should have to have a street address. I thanked them and ended the chat. I then had my daughter try, different PC, different name, different credit card, same result.

Then I called, he said he didn't know why they told me that and basically told me to do the same thing. I asked why it accepted the 100.00 originally and would not take my daughters. He asked if she ever purchased anything for 200.00. Why would you offer a 200.00 card without mentioning the restrictions.

I have a son in Colorado trying to get clothing for a new job.

I ordered an e-gift card from Target and it was easy. I have three chats saved if Walmart ever reads this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Have Walmart review their e-gift card ordering process.

Walmart Cons: Online e-gift ordering.

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