Putnam, Connecticut

I took my 11 year old daughter to get her ears pierced. she chose a pair that came with a free necklace with purchase.

the associate put the dots on her ears, put earings in the gun,when she put gun to my daughter ear and pressed the earing went through her ear and bent. Not only did my daughter endure pain but has to wait for the hole to close before trying to get it done again!

This experience has also frightened her from getting them pierced at all. I feel that these earings should not be allowed to be sold or advertised.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Piercing.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Walmart is horrible for ear oiercings they messed up my babies ear by piercing it in the wrong place and ruined the earring! So angry they get certified but I don’t think they really know what there doing! Horrible experience and so upset


Well maybe she was moving to much


That’s ur fault u shouldn’t have taken her to Walmart

to Anonymous #1614646

It doesnt matter about the store because some employeers at walmart was trained to do the job so its either she has to buy real earrings or get her daughter ear checked.


That’s you’re fault for buying cheep earrings


Omg so sorry for your daughter how hold is she now


My 16 yo daughter went lastnight to have ears pierced. WM did it.

I wasn’t there. I did not give my consent. And it’s obvious, ID was not checked. I am one ticked off momma.

Disappointed in daughter because I would have gladly given my consent, if she’d asked me, but mostly angry with WM for allowing this and breaking the law. WM violated my parental rights....and that’s a line no one has the right to cross!

to MommaAintHappy #1471704

If she is 16 then technically she did not need your consent in about 99% of the states the legal age of consent is 16 so in reality your just an overbearing idiot.

to Anonymous #1542356

Your the idiot for calling a mom such. Each parent has a right to raise their child as they see fit as long as they are acting in the best interest for their child. I don't care what the so-called law says, 16 is certainly NOT an adult and should have asked permission from her mom.

to Matt #1613758

Do you not know how to read? I suggest that you learn how to read before calling people idiots.

No where did they state that at 16 years old they should not need their parents permission. Just they do not. Learn how to read before calling someone an idiot. No where did they state that the 16 year old is an adult.

Just what the law stated. I guess you are the real idiot.

to Anonymous #1561355

Depends on the state guidelines....most are actually 18 with id required... PARENTAL permission AND presence REQUIRED otherwise

to Anonymous #1626314

I guess that Georgia is that 1% because here you have to be 18 without parental consent even for lobes. My husband is a body modification artist so we are familiar with the laws. The mother is right to be concerned about her not being of age and her going to Walmart for piercings period, it’s a preventable infection waiting to happen.

to MommaAintHappy #1661062

Sixteen years old in your mad wtf


NEVER get your ears pierced by ANYONE that uses a GUN! It doesn't matter if its Walmart or Claires.Go to your local tattoo/piercing parlor & make sure you ask if they use NEEDLES. Guns are much more likely to cause tissue damage, especially to children's ears as they force the earring into the ear.

to BodyModder #1643936

Next time do your research about piercings before subjecting your child to potential injury and infection. any place that uses a gun is not licensed or properly trained by a board of body modification.

they practice on stuffed animals and train by watching and then by doing on live customers while being watched by someone who went through the same training. those piercing studs are not as sharp as a piercing needle and hurt more. you have higher risk of blunt trauma and tissue damage and rejection as a result because it cant heal properly. next time take her to a licensed piercer.

i know a tattoo parlor is a parents worst nightmare for a prim and proper but really its the safest way to protest her ears if you want them pierced properly.

if not, well this is the result you ask for. you get what you pay for.

to krista #1661063

Ok PL been getting their ears done for ages with a gun what wrong with it now


100 dollars for earrings and a necklace? And the necklace was free?

Unless the gun was faulty, or the earrings were not starter earrings I don't see how this could have happened. Starter earrings are thicker than regular post earrings to insure that other earrings will easily go through.

They also have a sharp pointed end so it will go through the ear with little pain. I'm sorry your Daughter had to endure this, and I hope she gets over her fear.

Ames, Iowa, United States #964914

I agree... walmart is a terrible place for a peircing ....

the girls are not trained at all. They are no more than a sale person, at best! My granddaughters had a horrible experience. the walmart sales associate/peircing expert mixed up their earings, missed the correct placement of the earring, and to top it off.

. The matching necklace wasn't even either of their birthstones!


to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1280306

Before calling women over the age of 18 girls perhaps you should work on your grammar? This looks like something written by a fourth grader.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1518927

Having a bad day?

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