Greensboro, North Carolina
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I will never ever visit the Walmart pharmacy on Eastway in Charlotte, NC again. Thay have a bunch of rude unprofessional and untrained employees.

All are always in a bad mood, speaking to customers in a very rude manner and it also takes at least 2 hours to get a prescription filled and it's even longer to get it transferred to another pharmacy. Good prices good deals is not worth it. I choose where I want to spend my money and Walmart will never get another dime. Walmart, get a training program for dealing with the public or you will be the loser in the end.

The public is your business and the untrained and ignorant employees you have will make you lose it.

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Walmart is not what it used to be Yesterday I went to Walmart and I was going to buy 1/2 watermelon I asked the man to cut it for me and he did, but he thought I just wanted it cut and was going to buy both halves I told him all I wanted was one half of the watermelon he said that I would have to ask the manager if he could sell me just half of it (mind you it is already cut) the manager said no that I would have to buy both halves or just one half and he wd charge me for full price. He then said that he will have to throw the watermelon out because they are not supposed to cut anything he said that he could not sell it to me he is going to throw it out because it was cut.

I asked him if he would rather throw it out than to sell it he said yes. So I guess he threw it out, That is such a shame for a big company like WalMart would rather throw something out than to sell it or give it away