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I have been using my ebt card at Walmart and last week made a big purchase of all food at a local store. At the end of the transaction I was asked to pay $8.00 in cash for what should have all been food covered by the ebt card.

So as not to appear rude and hold up the line I just used my debit card and paid the additional. I went to customer service and the rep was unable to tell me why I was charged this amount. So as not to be late for an appointment I had I left and chalked it up as another Walmart experience. Well last night I went to Walmart to purchase tartar sauce and used the ebt card and was advised was not covered.

I asked the cashier why and she stated I would need to contact ebt card issuer and maybe the item was non-essential. First of all why would I contact ebt card issuer when Walmart would be the one to code item for purchase and how can she say it was non-essential item....it is food item!!

I am sick of Walmart being the bully....end of me spending money there. I know one person doesn't make a difference, but it's a start as I see it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Sometimes the food item is not maked as “food” in the system like it should be. All the supervisor has to do, is void off the food item not marked with an “F” beside it and refund you, then re-ring it after modifying it as a food item (there’s a button for this) as long as it’s not hot prepared food from deli, and not preworkout food in pharmacy you should be totally fine.


I've had that happen a few things and all it took to correct it was a customer service mgr. They can manually type it in.


I notice this too...things that are covered by EBT are not at Walmart....basically they are adding more and more to the list of not covered... I don't shop there anymore...as the same items can be bought with EBT at Ingles, Food Lion, Corner stores, Bilo, etc.


Half the time I try to use the self checkout anymore it tells me my ebt balance is zero when it’s not. Walmart sucks!


When I see someone dressed well with a manicure and nice hair use an EBT card I report them. I work and and won't be paying for manicures and wigs for anyone.

to Worker #1402717

So everyone with an EBT card has to look homeless? And no, you don't report them, how would you know their name?

No one is going to give a complete stranger their name, just because they asked. Nice attempt at trying to come off as a bad@ss though, lol.

to Anonymous #1561642

Love you!

to Worker #1488864


to Worker #1498736

The money for ebt comes from farmers' taxes. Only farmers. Moron.

to Worker #1529067

I have extremely nice clothes, a nice car that is paid for, and had a full time job until struck by a hit and run driver, which has been an ordeal, involving surgeries, physical therapy, being replaced at my job and nowhere near enough money for all the needs of my household. Do u really think u should judge me? Judge not least ye be judged also

to Worker #1583484

OMG Because they take care of there self that's no skin off your nose is it !! People work and still get help so don’t work up a sweat over it plus its not coming out of your check is it Worry about yourself and no one else

to Worker #1585669

Maybe the ebt user took a shower, put on makeup, styled & colored their hair, gave themselves a manicure / pedicure & put on the only outfit they own (washed / pressed) by themselves. You're assuming that person did not groom themselves.

You know what they say about assume. I buy my painted nails, toiletries, makeup & hair products at The Dollar Tree. Yes, I groom myself. Walmart clothes are beautiful.

I'm a senior citizen & social security doesn't go far. Neither does SNAP ebt. My smartphone is government sponsored.

ASSUME = Makes an *** of you & me. Put that in your pipe & smoke it.

to Worker #1589759

I am on food stamps. I am disabled and to the point I have a hard time bathing on my own and can't dress myself sometimes.

I go to Walmart to do my grocery shopping because it is less embarrassing than let's say going to my local Kroger. It takes a lot of effort and energy for me to go grocery shopping instead of sending my caretaker. I would hate to think I spent SIX hours, yes SIX hours because that is how long it takes me sometimes just to get ready to go grocery shopping. My nails?

omg that would take me a couple of days but I love it when I am able to actually do them!

I would hate to think you'd JUDGE ME for succeeding at finally being able to shower, getting dressed, and doing my nails! Do you realize what an ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT IS FOR SOME PEOPLE?

to Worker #1596430

So someone on food stamos can't have a job where they must look nicee? You have too much time on your hands.

Report them for what?

Not looking poor?? Lesve the fraud investigations yo the state

to Worker #1648322

Maybe they cut there own hair, o do and I cut my two sons hair. Maybe the nice clothes were a gift from family or the only clothes they own.

Never judge a book by its cover.... Many on food stamps are working class and may actually work harder than you.

to Worker #1654440

Seriously? So people on snap benefits can't look presentable?

They have to look like they are homeless? You have stupid stamped all over your forehead.


You didn't lose anything except a hit to your pride. CONTACT THE EBT issuer not Walmart for Godsakes.

to 23502 #1429402

Ah no she actually has to deal with the matter directly with walmart. She's attempting to buy tater sauce which is completely covered by foodstamps and Wal-Mart is telling her it isn't.

Why would she contact EBT? The only thing EBT would advise her is it is covered.

Walmart is the problem here hence why she needs to deal with THEM head on. You must work for walmart or you are entirely uneducated about foodstamps.


Just something to think about.... the cashier has zero control for how Walmart codes products for purchase.

Also laws and what's allowed to be purchased on EBT/SNAP can vary by state, therefore it's not even a corporate issue.

It's a merchandising supervisor issue. Cashiers don't have the authorization and override ability as some think.

to Robii McCann #1429404

Actually cashier's have the ability to do many scams as I have read online, so you are wrong here. Do your research on walmart scams and you'll see what is going on.

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