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Ecard was delivered last nite.

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On November 19th, I ordered and ecard for my granddaughter. I accidentally typed in the wrong email address for the recipient and can't seem to get it corrected.

It was a period after g in Gmail. My mistake but surely not enough to have to go thru all this worry and not be able to get it fixed. I did online chat yesterday and I can't believe they can't fix it. I can't cancel the ecard and the money has left my acct.

Today I have heard from Walmart that they will send this to a higher up but no one has contacted me yet. Why can't I get this corrected? A little girl is anxiously waiting for her ecard to go shopping. The ecard couldn't have gone through since the email address was incorrect.

Surely, Walmart can see that and change it.

This is not good customer service and I will probably never buy another ecard from Walmart. I know they should have received an invalid email address notice by now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Correct the email address and resend the ecard immediately. it only involved removing the period after g..

Location: Tucson, Arizona

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Well do not blame them for something that is YOUR fault. Be a good role model for your niece and admit fault rather than passing it on.Your niece may be a little girl, but you are the one acting like a six year old child.

Also these thing take time. Instead of acting like a kid, learn form your mistake


Sorry Granddaughter. My mistake, but I am old and mature enough to admit to it. Unlike you.


Blanchard she already acknowledged her error and is trying to fix the situation. Your statement comes across as an attack, quite rude, and immature in itself.

Although there is some truth in what you said, it could have been stated much better. If it even had to be said at all. Having gone through something similar with a e-gift card, I can understand "Arizona's" frustration.

I do not believe I will purchase another e-gift from Walmart myself. There are other better solutions.


No need to be so rude! Mistakes are made all the time. Someone who has never sent an e card before and / or isn't tech savvy isn't " acting like a 6 yr old because they're worried about a MISTAKE


I accidently ordered an e card instead of gift card; I have been trying to redeem. I have talked to customer service at least 4 times.

They transfer me to card service which does not give me a person; and hangs up if you can't give specific input. I bought a gift basket to send instead, but I still want to redeem this ecard .

I am trying again today after a month. Agent says they will resend e-card in 24 hours.


I did the same thing and I know from experience it ait worth the hastle


Same. Unbelievable amount of time spent trying to resolve this.

My husband left the letter “i” out of his verizon email and wrote “Verzon”. It’s been days.

No one will help him. Ridiculous Walmart!


What is ridiculous is you "adults" are the ones that put in the wrong email address and are not accepting any responsibility. Not owning up to your mistakes.

I would have thought that your husband was six but if he were your marriage would be illegal. He is just a "grown man" who cannot act his age.

Same with you. You are an adult that cannot act your age.


Same problem here, e-gift card was sent to wrong, non-existent email (so will never be claimed). Lost $200. Filed dispute with the bank but still waiting and waiting for months.


i just did the same thing but my card was a 200.00 dollar ecard also for my daughter customer service dint care and the bank could stop transaction so i lost my money


Same here. Out of $125 though.

Ughh probably will never see it. Unless I get my bank to cancel the charges.


Same thing happened to me, Walmart can not do anything money is lost , they need to fix this, 12/22/18


Keep pestering Walmart as they finally did send another ecard to my granddaughter. Hope it works out for you


Or you can make sure you do not make any errors, and grow up and accept responsibility for YOUR error.


It's probably best if you don't buy e-cards from them or anyone if you can't double check the e-mail address before you finalize the purchase.


That is what i have been trying to tell these people. They just do not get it.

Now if they were kids I could understand, but they are adults and should know better. If you can call them adults that is.

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