I shop at Wal mart A LOT. It is were I buy most things.

Today I went in to buy speakers for my computer, and a wireless mouse and keyboard. But I wasn't allowed to open the box and look at what I was buying. Which is ridiculous. Why should I buy something, especially electronics when I can't see what I am purchasing.

I even went to a cashier counter to open the boxes so no one would think I was stealing something. I want to get the right equipment for my computer and in order for me to do that I need to see what it is I am purchasing. I was told I had to purchase the item and then I could open it there. And if I didnt' like then I could return it and do the same process.

I have never had to go through this at Microcenter, Best Buy, Kmart, etc. No other store! It is not hard to tape the side of the box again. Which is the only thing that would be damaged on the box, the small tape on the side!

Needles to say I will never buy anything electronic from Wal Mart. And I do a lot of shopping.

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I purchased a tv and opened the box to be sure it eas not broken and all assorcirs were in the box befor I ave them a dime/


They wood int let me opin and try on condoms. Made me real madd.


yes this me and the real reezon i wuz madd was cuz they wood int let me opin a pack of pull ups to sea if they fit me


i did not write that comment. whoever wrote before me.

if you see anymore writing other then this one it's not me. thanks


First of all, I know you are lying about other stores allowing you to open merchandise before purchasing it. I have managed both Kmart and Best Buy and I know for an absolute fact they will not allow such a thing anymore than Walmart does.

Secondly, as others have stated, when you open an item and it is then re-taped and put on the shelf again, it appears used.

Particularly with electronics, people are nervous about buying something they believe someone else may have already purchased and found fault with. Not to mention for each item they have to toss out or mark down/discount because of such things, the prices are raised for everyone across the board.

In short, you sound as though you are someone with a sense of entitlement and no real understanding of how the consumer world works.

So by all means, do your shopping elsewhere. At least if you aren't purchasing things at Walmart, the rest of us don't have to worry about your idiocy costing us more money.




to now* on the first sentences. sorry


wow you guys are seriously hilarious. constantly accusing people of things they did or did not do, accusing of them of being a certain way or age.

seriously you guys need to grow up. seeing as how I am married and a manager at a retail store I have not know logic to get the top. Unlike the dumba***** commenting on here. and for the person named SAME ADVICE how should we know how old tasha is?

all we can see is all the pathetic comments she has made to all of the other articles on here complaining about walmart. and the person working at best buy. incase you don't see in your own store, everything is on display. no one has to open anything because they see the display so they know what they are getting, what is in the box, if walmart does not want people to open a box then they should have those items on display as well, as other normal logical stores do.

And no other customer knows when you open a box. maybe you guys don't understand the box I am talking about. go to walmart, and look at the boxes that have keyboards in them. if you open them you can not tell they have been open.

the only thing that keeps them closed is a tape on the side. a circular tape. when you take that tape off and open the box, if you reclose the box and put the same kind of tape on it, no one knows it was open. go look at the boxes you will see what I am talking about.

ofcourse i'm not a retard trying to open boxes like food boxes and stuff. those you can tell have been opened and are damaged. the ones I was asking to see you can not tell either way. and for telling me not to read the comments on my post.

this is my post ofcourse i will read the comments. but some people that are arguing on here or accusing on here are doing the same thing on most of the other posts on this site which if they dont like the articles then they just have nothing better to do. they're the ones that shouldn't be replying if they don't like it. they didnt post an article they are not replying back to their article.

they are attacking everyone posting things. and no I never worked at walmart, i would never even apply there, the walmarts here are all white trash employees. i would never want to be seen working at these places. yea say whatever you want because i said white trash.

I don't care. but this will be my last comment.

i'm done with this post and walmart. thank you all


tasha I have read a lot of complaints on here and you seem to have a reply for every complaint someone makes accusing them of something, or telling them they are a certain age, or saying some *** s*** . You are more then likely a walmart employee being paid to write to people on here.

If you don't like what is being said don't read it and waste your time. obviously you have nothing better to do when you attack people all day. and for the people in kansas.

go to another store other then walmart and ask to see an item. they will be more then helpful to you.


First of all Like "Tasha" Said No one wants to buy an open package that's what the RETURN Policy is for you *** and Second some of the time when an *** opens Packages up we can't sell some of them because they are considered damaged. How would you feel if you bought somethingthat was already opened huh? So grow the *** up already!


I don't know what state you guys are in, but in KANSAS Best Buy and these other places actually let you see what you are buying. Don't make a comment without knowing the facts.

And to the person that said I was stealing something, 1) what the **** would I steal from a speakers or keyboard box 2) Why would I even put that in my writing if I was trying to steal something . You seem to have me confused with yourself


I wrote this. And I don't know what state you guys are in but in KANSAS at best buy and other places they let you see what you are buying.

So don't write something or make a statement without knowing the facts.

And to the person who says I was stealing something, What the *** would I steal from a keyboard or speakers box? You seem to have me confused with yourself.


So if you were looking at a box of speakers and you could tell it had been opened, would you buy it?

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