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There have been several instances when i have gone to the electronics dept. and had questions regarding release dates for items and was basically blown off. Two specific times i will recall now.

Instance #1

Early in the year (Jan.-Feb.ish) I was interested in pre-ordering the video game "Batman:Arkham Knight". I went to the counter in entertainment and asked the employee there if he had any information on the release date or if they offered a pre-order. Without missing a beat (didn't even bother to check his computer) while still leaning against the counter he simply responded with a comment along the lines of "Oh uhhh, no we don't have any information on that sorry." So the very next day i went to Game Stop and pre-ordered the game there. After making the purchase at Game Stop, I stopped at Wal-mart again on my way to work and decided to do a little investigation myself. And by investigate i mean i went and LOOKED AT THE SHELF!!!!! Yeah that's right, there was already a spot and cards to take to pre-order. Had the employee decided to peel his butt away from the counter and actually do his job he could have told me that the day before and not lost the sale.

Instance #2

My brother just today, Tuesday 8/4/15, was looking for information on the release of the new season of The Walking Dead. Having experienced poor customer service at this location before, he decided to look it up on his phone before asking an associate. He was easily able to find on the Wal-mart website what special editions/box-sets etc. would be available and when. After finding said information he decided to make a point and proceeded to ask the man at the counter anyway. Not surprisingly he was given a similar response as before. Without moving or checking a computer the employee makes a comment about how "it all depends on the vendor and the companies making the show we don't have the info on that." At which point my brother brings out his phone that is still on the Wal-mart page and shows the associate what he had found and said "Oh really, so you couldn't have found THIS INFORMATION that is on your website?!?!" and without waiting for a response he turned and left. And now just on principal he will as well not be making a purchase at Wal-mart because of your lazy and incompetent staff.

I apologize for some of the harsh words but I am outraged at the fact that these degenerates think they deserve $15/hr. Please train your staff better or i will simply boycott, and only shop at Meijers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint, I hope it helps you build a better company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer service.

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Nerd alert!


Yea, i to knowing the answer when buying my wiiu, asked if i could play regular wii games on it and the *** told me absolutely not! He said I could play the wiiu games on the result wii but not the other way around.


These people need to know what they are talking about in order to make a sale! Needless to say, I went elsewhere to make my pure l purchase.