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I purchased (3) 32inch TV from Walmart now 10 months later one of the three will not turn on at all...they are not used often...just in guess rooms....I called Emerson today to explain my problem she first put us thru the paces...check plug...connect...you get the picture then she asked for our zip code which I gave her...next thing out of mouth was we have no service place near you ...the closest is 60 miles away....I looked this place up and it was 1 hour and 40 minutes away...then she said we can sent you a tag to send it to us ...once you receive the tags you will call FedEx to pick it up and you will need to send $115.00 for the Labor end of the repair they will pay parts....how do they know today how much the labor would be....not understand that at all...so they want me to pay $115.00 to repair a $238.00 TV plus tax....that is not even a year old...that surely does not sound right....

They really do need to stand behind their products better...I am not happy at all and I will tell every single person that will listen what a *** deal I got from Emerson.....

Monetary Loss: $244.

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This happened to my son a few years ago with an Emerson 42" plasma TV.He bought it from Walmart on black Friday. About 9 months later, the sound went out.

He though it had a year warranty on everything but reading the warranty, the labor was only 90 days. He ended up buying a new TV.