Apparently Wal-Mart sells products that only last a few months. I am horrified to learn after googleing my problem that there are others out there.

My T.V. after 5 months will not longer turn on. I woke up one Saturday pressed the on button and it goes to green like it's turning on , I get a screen display and then it turns off. When i called Emerson they advised me since it has been more than 90 days they will not pay for labor but they will pay for parts.

i have to pay $60.00 and wait 3 to 4 months to get a working t.v. back. This t.v. was my only one.

Now I have to rent or buy a new one. Why isn't this a mnaufacturer recall. i'm finding other people witht he same problem same manufacture date of 12/2007 with the same issues between 3 to 6 months after purhase.


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