Newport News, Virginia

TV purchased @ Walmart for $558- stopped working

after only 3 months of use. The tv will not power on.

Lousy Mfg. warranty. Do not buy any products from Funai Corp.

Walmart "extended warranty" is a 3rd party -

send it in-do without a tv for 6-8 weeks-who knows

what.I have had other electronic equpiment last me for 10 years and beyond.

It is quite unreasonable for a TV in this price range

to fail in such a short period of usage, although this

"power -on" issue seems quite common in many brands of LCD tv's. Perhaps it is because the power supply modules are just *** !

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If you bought the extended warranty, you need to check if it is a repair or replacement warranty. With a replacement warranty you get your money within 2-7 business days from Asurion.

With a repair warranty, you are sent to a LOCAL service rep or a local service rep is dispatched to you. For my window AC they used a local company that got my AC fixed within 3 days.


my emerson 32 inch t v just started this 2 days ago,,,it has hardly been used and now it will not come on


they are making things in china now days can't get away from it. needs to be made in japan better built than china


after 3 or 4 months that I use my emerson tv is not turning on now I don't know what happen cuz the TV is basically new.


Sand issues not one solution or recall wtf


Door greeter in clinton utah rude to customers they need to get rid of william hunt


Next time do not be so cheap buy yourself an "RCA".You probably can purchase on for the same price you purchased the"Emerson" for but it probably will be a tiny bit smaller.*** i purchased an "39" From Amazon for $299.00 and It works very well.


I bought a 36 inch Emerson two yrs ago works great till I put a nasty crack in the screen . Now it just sounds good and they don't have replacement screens


We just took the back off ours and found a blown fuse. I don't have money to get the tv repaired (send back on packaging with receipt for $70), but I can spare a buck for a fuse. Fingers crossed!


Did the fuse work????


We purchased the 32 inch Emerson last spring for a vacation rental. It was used for 3 months.

We turned it on yesterday for the first time since last fall and it would not power on. No lights.

Nobody home. With this amount of product failure that I have been reading,I am surprised that Walmart still carries this product.



Anyone ever hear of a Surgeprotector? I have had a Emerson for over 100 years and no problems.


100 years ? must be a medafore for 10 years correct.


*metaphor : /


I have one on mine and its doing this so ***


Sal You are one old *** TV owner to own a Emerson for a 100 years.


Bought two Emerson 32" tvs on Black Friday 2011 from Walmart. One worked fine, still does.

The other was in the box in a closet for a few months before we opened it. It wouldn't even turn on. There is a red light when plugged it but if you press the power button on the remote or on the tv it just blinks.

Tried a couple trouble shooting solutions that I found online that worked for other people but they didn't work. What a waste of money!!


We bought two during 2012 Black Friday didn't open until August when we took our daughters to college. Thought we were getting a good deal but when we opened the boxes in dorm rooms, and we did not drop them both screens were smashed.

Tried taking back to Walmart, what a joke called Emerson even a bigger joke. I was told to bad and just buy another TV.


Posting: had 2 TVs but broke them, would have been more helpful


I am wondering why they didn't take them back? Oh wait they were 10 months old and broken!!!!