TV purchased @ Walmart for $558- stopped working

after only 3 months of use. The tv will not power on.

Lousy Mfg. warranty. Do not buy any products from Funai Corp.

Walmart "extended warranty" is a 3rd party -

send it in-do without a tv for 6-8 weeks-who knows

what.I have had other electronic equpiment last me for 10 years and beyond.

It is quite unreasonable for a TV in this price range

to fail in such a short period of usage, although this

"power -on" issue seems quite common in many brands of LCD tv's. Perhaps it is because the power supply modules are just *** !

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If you bought the extended warranty, you need to check if it is a repair or replacement warranty. With a replacement warranty you get your money within 2-7 business days from Asurion.

With a repair warranty, you are sent to a LOCAL service rep or a local service rep is dispatched to you. For my window AC they used a local company that got my AC fixed within 3 days.

Logan, Ohio, United States #992335

my emerson 32 inch t v just started this 2 days ago,,,it has hardly been used and now it will not come on

Blanchard, Oklahoma, United States #939288

they are making things in china now days can't get away from it. needs to be made in japan better built than china

Killeen, Texas, United States #938950

after 3 or 4 months that I use my emerson tv is not turning on now I don't know what happen cuz the TV is basically new.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #938525

Sand issues not one solution or recall wtf

Clinton, Utah, United States #835671

Door greeter in clinton utah rude to customers they need to get rid of william hunt

Dallas, Texas, United States #800572

Next time do not be so cheap buy yourself an "RCA".You probably can purchase on for the same price you purchased the"Emerson" for but it probably will be a tiny bit smaller.*** i purchased an "39" From Amazon for $299.00 and It works very well.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada #764769

I bought a 36 inch Emerson two yrs ago works great till I put a nasty crack in the screen . Now it just sounds good and they don't have replacement screens

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #711499

We just took the back off ours and found a blown fuse. I don't have money to get the tv repaired (send back on packaging with receipt for $70), but I can spare a buck for a fuse. Fingers crossed!

to Dlc Oviedo, Florida, United States #847092

Did the fuse work????

Burnsville, North Carolina, United States #670417

We purchased the 32 inch Emerson last spring for a vacation rental. It was used for 3 months.

We turned it on yesterday for the first time since last fall and it would not power on. No lights.

Nobody home. With this amount of product failure that I have been reading,I am surprised that Walmart still carries this product.


to Anonymous Milano, Lombardy, Italy #842053

Anyone ever hear of a Surgeprotector? I have had a Emerson for over 100 years and no problems.

to Sal #842150

100 years ? must be a medafore for 10 years correct.

to Anonymous #976624

*metaphor : /

to Sal Kentucky, United States #882553

I have one on mine and its doing this so stfu

to Sal Carbondale, Illinois, United States #939542

Sal You are one old *** TV owner to own a Emerson for a 100 years.

Tyler, Texas, United States #554861

Bought two Emerson 32" tvs on Black Friday 2011 from Walmart. One worked fine, still does.

The other was in the box in a closet for a few months before we opened it. It wouldn't even turn on. There is a red light when plugged it but if you press the power button on the remote or on the tv it just blinks.

Tried a couple trouble shooting solutions that I found online that worked for other people but they didn't work. What a waste of money!!

to MFitz40 Duncanville, Texas, United States #767513

We bought two during 2012 Black Friday didn't open until August when we took our daughters to college. Thought we were getting a good deal but when we opened the boxes in dorm rooms, and we did not drop them both screens were smashed.

Tried taking back to Walmart, what a joke called Emerson even a bigger joke. I was told to bad and just buy another TV.

to Deborah Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #938528

Posting: had 2 TVs but broke them, would have been more helpful

to Deborah Merritt Island, Florida, United States #1049586

I am wondering why they didn't take them back? Oh wait they were 10 months old and broken!!!!

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