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WalMart will be selling the Emerson Television that has the faulty part on Black Friday. Buyers beware this television will not even last a year it will start shutting itself off and will not come back on.

You will not be able to get it repaired as it will cost more than the televison is worth. Emerson execs are fully aware of the problem and they refuse to correct the problem. I am going to take my broken one to the parking lot of Walmart and run an extension cord from a camper to let people see what the tv does. WalMart is actually aware of this problem as well it is very sad they have gotten to the point that they think they can dupe their customers.

Times are hard and I'm sure everyone that goes and stands in line to get these supposedly great buys are hard working,honest people and every dollar counts.

It is very sad that WalMart and Emerson have such a callous disregard for their customers. WalMart and Emerson you Suck and I am not going to stop letting people know about this horrible thing you do to honest hardworking people.

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Borsa, Sor-Trondelag, Norway #227510

Bought are on black friday, took him home an opened it up. Black line down the middle of the screen like somebody dropped something on it.

Manufacturer wont provide new one..Walmart says they will get us a comparable one.

But, still ***. I guess after reading this, it is probably better that it is broken now.


Mine just went out last night after less than 3 years of use. It won't turn on again.

I also bought it from Walmart.

It's just really wrong to do people like this in this economy. No wonder our economy is falling apart...

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