Minerva, Ohio
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We live in a small town in Oklahoma (Tahlequah)

I've been looking for a LCD Tv, the manager walking the isles with a cart of Tv asked if anyone would like to buy a 32" Emerson LCD TV for $198

I took one for me and another for my brother, why not I can't beat this price.

My old TV is about 20 yrs old, works great but I wanted the latest Tech.

My brother complained his new Emerson LCD wouldn't come on, it took several tries clicking off and on to get it to come on, I didn't want to complain to him but the same thing was happening to our new Emerson, I told hime to put it back in the box we would take both back to WAL*MART,

They didn't hesitate to give us back our money, this seems to be what WAL*MART is about, (JUNK) we have no other place to shop, I remember when Emerson was a trusted name, I also remember back when WAL*MART was a trusted name. (YEP) $198 for a 32" LCD Emerson TV, brand new in the box, the next day or so they ran them on sale for $298, I still don't understand. We are watching the 20 + year old RCA again...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I will never buy another Emerson product again. I bought a 32 inch LCD tv.

The tv did not last a year. Emerson agreed to replace the part,but they would not cover the labor which could easily end up costing more than the tv itself.

Walmart really needs to think about the brands they carry. This is making Walmart look bad as well.