Overland Park, Kansas

bought an Emerson brand tv from walmart...that we didn't even want but that's the one they gave us...we have had it for only about 5 months and it keeps shutting off and changing to hdmi 1 2 or 3 just at random it also changes volume. we hate this tv and want to get a new one when we get the money hope its not screwed up like this one and hope we get the tv we asked for this time.

we had asked for a known brand tv but apparently they can't get that correct. I don't think that I will be getting any TVs from Wal-Mart again.

Monetary Loss: $580.

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Hey, 9 minutes ago, are you ashamed to use any kind of name when you post? I have used Emerson brand TVs in the past, and they have lasted for years.

All you have to do is look at different ads and you will see all the other Emerson appliances that I mentioned. Sioux Falls, SD isn't a cheap place to live. As far as that goes, SD isn't a cheap place to live. If as the person in the complaint stated WalMart gave him the TV he doesn't have any reason to complain.

Being you don't know anything about me, knock off the name calling. I am 73 years old, have taught school and been a legal secretary.


Emerson is not a great name brand like Panasonic or sony it is a cheaper brand which is why Sioux Falls, South Dakota is so familiar with the brand. Your emerson tv is defective just like the inbred hag from Sioux Falls, South Dakota someone should hold a gun to that hags head and pull the trigger.:grin


Emerson is a known TV brand. They make microwaves, radios, stereos, etc.

How did you get WalMart to give you this TV?

That makes absolutely no sense. If they were out of the one that you actually wanted, they didn't hold a gun to your head and make you buy the Emerson.