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I purschased a 32" emerson t.v. I had it all of 5 months before it went out on me.

(mind u, never got used on a everyday basis) walmart tried telling me that i stole it. They have record of the t.v leaving the store but no receipt on file(dumb cashier)Furthermore, emerson won't/would'nt honor their warranty! So now i'm stuck with a big *** piece of metal junk taking up room in my home and i'm out of $600,and know one has any answers.

Are you serious people. Wtf Never Agn

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How is the cashier dumb when you don't even have your own receipt?? I also agree with Kikigirl because it takes maybe 5 minutes to look up a receipt if you have any relevant information from YOUR purchase...


Can't believe they didn't offer to go to the cash office and pull up a receipt for you. They can find a receipt for any purchase made.

Past the 90 days anyway....

Most places won't even give you 90 days. You have to buy extra protections. And I don't get why you didn't buy the care plan for a purchase that major.

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Walmart has a return policy... Everything in the store can be exchanged or refunded within 90 days of purchase with the exception of some electronics and some regulated items.

You also have to have a receipt if you want to return/exchange anything that is over $50.00. I doubt they were telling you that you stole, they were just doing their job. When you purchase something like that, you can always ask about the Product Care Plan.

If you chose to get it just call their toll free customer support to process your claim. In home service is provided and sometimes it's not.


Did you pay for it with cash? If not then via check or credit card would show purchase? Video cameras would show transactions?

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