when I went to Wall-Mart for Christmas shopping my child really wanted something for us but I did not have any money so she started crying and those people around started crowding around and saying that they would buy it and I told them that I left my purse in the car and they would not listen and that cashier started getting in the presses saying that she would give something free!doesint she know that is the worst thing a person would want to here she is so rude she is acting like we are poor if I were them I would fire her she is so nosey.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You want the cashier fired for doing something nice. You should give your child to someone who can discipline her.

Throwing a temper tantrum at age three is not that uncommon, but parents have a job called discipline. Try that sometime. Your child was obviously so out of control that there was a crowd offering to pay for the toy.

Proper parenting would be to not give in to her, otherwise she may turn out like you. PS your fault for forgetting the purse in the car.


Maybe she is, or maybe she was just trying to help and YOU reacted poorly and without thinking. My guess is that this would not be the first time either because according to you, you didn't have any money and then you say that you left your purse in the car. Sounds fishy to me.