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Not only is this particular Walmart often out of stock on common things, such as my brand of shampoo, cat food, water filter, etc., but since the downturn they do not have enough cashiers to handle their traffic. I don't understand why they have 40 registers when there are never more than 4 lines open.

Tonight there were two, with approx. 20 customers lined along the main aisle in each. I left the store and the six items I had wanted because I've spent 1/2 an hour to an hour in line too many times before. Twice this year I have entered the store, but left immediately upon seeing the twisting lines at the one or two registers open.

But my biggest complaint is the attitude of the cashiers and other employees. In a climate of almost overly friendly and helpful customer service, this Walmart is a glaring departure from the current trend. The last time I was in Walmart and made a purchase, I must have irritated the cashier by not setting my items in the proper spot on the counter. She told me that I needed to bring them closer to her because she wasn't wearing her belt.

I didn't know anyone needed a belt for a box of allergy tablets within arm's reach. I wasn't wearing a back brace but was able to push all eight items six inches closer to her with one hand. She couldn't get the iTunes card to swipe properly, which was somehow my fault as well, so I told her to forget it. The time before that, I was treated well because the cashier was so annoyed at the people in front of me she couldn't see straight.

They seemed pleasant and laid back, but they must have done something wrong at the register because the cashier was curt, rude, and visibly irritated. They were embarrassed and apologetic to me and the others in line. The time before that I had my son with me, who totally and completely pissed off the cashier by telling the man behind him with one item to go ahead of him. She yelled at him because he didn't hold the large and heavy box that he lifted out of the cart with the UPC label facing her immediately.

She criticized him for retrieving his bag of purchases without turning the stile. Blah, blah, blah. We were laughing on the way out because she so blatantly showed her contempt without the slightest effort to conceal it. Then there was the time the cashier told me I couldn't use the remaining $20 on an AMEX gift card because it wouldn't cover my entire purchase.

Not true, as I had used gift cards for partial purchases before - and used the $20 of credit on my following $132 purchase the next time I went in. That doesn't even make sense. How would anyone make a purchase for the exact amount on a gift card? Or the time that the clerk in charge of the photo scanner copped attitude because I was waiting for the machine to be activated at 9:00.

She let me scan a stack of photos for an hour, then told me I couldn't make a disc because the photo of my sister holding my son without a diaper (6 months old at the time) was child ***. I cannot tell you how many times in the past year I've been treated poorly, or I've witnessed other customers being treated rudely at this Walmart. Frankly, I'm done with this store. I can make all of my purchases at Kroger, Walgreens or a dollar store.

And if need be ... although I can't foresee the need ... I'll go to another Walmart.

I will not put up with this again. I have laughed or shrugged it off for the last time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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there is a reason ladyscot has nikkisixx as her avatar she's a heroin addict.. :grin :grin


why is it so hard for walmart employees to do their jobs? because they are like ladyscot lazy ignorant and inbred.

people like ladyscot are too busy eating the cake to do their job. I work at a local grocery store I and love it when we are busy it makes the time go faster and I enjoy helping customers we get a lot of handicapped customers and they need help getting their items on the counter I have no problem or issue with helping them or any other customer it is all about attitude.

I work for a great company that matches my 401k and I am happy in life and work. I believe that walmart employees are unhappy in their lives and work and it is reflected in their poor attitude and poor customer service.


Sounds like the employees are overworked and not too pleased with it (you would be two if you had to deal with huge lines of customers upset by the long lines) not that it's any excuse for being rude, ofcourse.


I swear. You set the product out of her reach then got an attitude when she asked you to bring it closer?

YOU stand there for 9 hours reaching for product. Why is it so hard to move it closer? How is it rude to ask you to move it closer?

Everyday I am glad I no longer work the front end of a store. We get our share of *** in the pharmacy, but people like you take the cake.