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Do employees of stores today male or female. In this case female.

I am a female who shops at the local store. There are several employees that as soon as you walk through the door they start starring at you like you are criminals. They believe they are in the right and the customer is in the wrong before the customer even shops the store and the managment of these stores are not doing a thing about it except siding with there employees. Again the customer is always wrong and the employee is always right.

Now if a person is enterning one door of the store and the person is on the other door and they start watching you and not watching the door. then they personally are not doing there job. But the customer gets the blame. because managment is too lazy to see the real truth about there employees.

I realize it is hard times and it is hard to keep people. But why are employers keeping people who are instigating problems on a daily basis. If a certain employee is told to avoid a person when they enter the store and that person who is entering get drilled by this person by them starring at you then that is not avoiding that person. If both the employee and the person enterningthe store have both been told to avoid each other then why is it that the customer is in the wrong when they are following managments rules but the employee can do whatever they please regardless of what the managment say.

Management in these stores today are lacking discipline within there employees.

We need more dicipline. The more disciple in the store between managment and employees there would be much work completed on a daily basis.

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when you go into this store are you usually dressed real slutty with everything hanging out and up? we do get a good laugh about that and we wait for people like you to make our day with a good laugh. check out people at walmart on the internet!


Whoever you are you are probably the slutty person ever one has been waiting for in the parking lot to rape and mug you. Now a days as people enter a store they need to show respect apparently you have never known that word other wise you would never have made that comment.

I found out later after we have left the area that the girl had been fired because of her behavior because many people were starting to feel offensive by her actions as a greeter. She would watch individual people rather than doing her job when the buzzer went off to check for packages. She would let people steal from the store just for her fetish on other women. THis is wrong and the employers need to crack down on it.

Especially when the way I or half the people follows and stares at are thin and are dress with jeans and a t-shirt, or a nice shirt. For you to call me or anyone else a *** is ground for you to be hunted down. I suggest you take back what you said. This women later I found out was a *** looking for a good score.

She should not be a door greeter if this be the case. This girl and many other door greeters across our country should not be as door greeters if they are going to stalk people out just to find out if the person is good for sex. YOU are wrong about me and everyone else that has this problem no matter where they go. Staring is wrong these days.

Especially when you are not to be coveting the same sex.

The bible states highly against it and I hope everyone of you that make comments like yours rot in jail for stalking innocent people for no reason.


You know you people have no clue as to what is really going on. All you do is blame the innocent and not the guilty.

I tell you this person is guilty and I have seen it happen. And if you are having trouble understand how I wrote something you should not automatically accuse me of being in the wrong until you can get the full story and understand the full story to the tee. But you people are looking in all the wrong directions and not really ready what is written. You are just skimming and not folling the jist of what the problem really is.

You are bypassing the whole idea because you do not want to believe that an another employee or amployer may actually be in the wrong this time. Watch your one dorr greeters when you first approach the store and see how they respond to you when you are completely innocent. Because while they are watching you they may be stealing themselves. Or a friend of there that may be in the store at the time.

The problem in this world today we put too much trust in every person who walks in and out of these stores not just walmart and store. I do not believe a door greeter is doing her job if she is to busy watching the cumstomer enter the store and the buzzer for someone is exiting and she ignore the person leaving and still has her eyes on the person entering the store. Now what is wrong with that. I really do not thing you are getting the full picture of the scenerio.

You are a customer which eneters in the front doors to grab a cart and to start shopping and the door greeter is watching you like a hawk. Now I am new to the store. What is wrong there. What have I done before I even enter the store.

Now the buzzer goes off with someone exiting the store and she totally ignores that person. Now mind you she is the only greeter on the door. The person ends up possibly stealing. Not me.

I am still in the open isle looking around and shopping for certain items but yet I am still being watch. I have talked with the local P.D. about it and there have been complaints on this person alone but walmart still keeps her. Now if I am new to the store and people are exiting why is she watching the new person.

She is failing to do her job as a greeter. She is lettin gmerchandise out the store while she is too busy playing games watching other male or female walking throughout the store. She will even leave her post unattended just to follow this person and people are still exiting the store with the merchandise leaving the store. She is not a good observer if she only singles out certain people when they enter the store and then just focuses on them and neglects to do the real job she was hired for.

She was hired as a door greeter and she is failing at her job. Many other customer have been complaing about the same thing. That she constantly harrasses them before entering the store. All door greeters can be rude and obnoxious because that is what they are there to do.

But when the job is not being done properly then it is not the customers fault it is the employees for failing to do the job in which they are entitled. And it is not just one door greeter. One door greeter already got fired because of the same behavior. She cared more about what was going on around the store than what was exiting the store while the beeper is going of.

If you do not understand this then do not replay back.

Because you are a waste of my time. You are probably siding with this person because this person because the person I am describing is probably you.


Why don't you just shut your trap since you have no clue as to what I am talking about. You people think that everyone is a criminal before something is ever done.

I have never stolen anything in my life and never will. I do not care how rich or poor I am. Stealing is wrong and I am not the one doing the stealin gthis *** is the one doing the stealing and managment is not willing to do anything about it. That is why she has centered her attention to one person and one person only.

I have seen her styeal before and have reported it and managment never did athing about it because this broad is the queen. So just for the sake of sanity. Just drop the whole thing. No one out there will fully understnad the full picture.


I have already talk with the local police about the situation and they will be watching her because she does have some record in the past of stealing but not ever really ever able to be caught. So they will be watching her over the holidays


you only notice people watching you when you are doing something wrong. you are naughty.

hopefully they will catch you and send you to jail. you write a lot but say nothing. if you gave specifics it would help us understand your rambling.

i hope they are watching everyone, i want prices to stay low. go hit up the dollar store, its more your speed.


The people that steal more than likely get fired. As far as looking at videos, I'm not exactly sure that they're supposed to tell you about what they saw.

It's not your business anyways. Tell me to take a chill pill all you want, but I'm not the one that posted 2 complaints. I'm as chill as I can be anyways. :) Get real yourself.

I don't know of anyone that would complain about this besides you. It's part of their job to watch you. That doesn't mean they're stealing.

If you don't steal then why are you so worried about this? Just because a employee watches and reports a customer does not mean that they're the ones stealing.


But what about the employees that think they can get away with everything and anything. There are several people who I have caught myself trying to steal by using the new walmart bags or there huge purses and put small items in them after they remove the prices and walk out the store like the have all ready paid for it.

So it is not just the customers. I believe the one person I am talking about the reason she has been watching me closely is because she knows darn well I have seen her in the past and present stealing from the store but never can really have the proof. Now if you are an employee of that store explain to me why would you want to steal from it. You have a paycheck.

That is being dishonest.

I went to management the next day and reported it and they watched the video and did catch the employee stealing on camera. So I believe now that if an employee believes you may be stealing then you need to report it to managment because it is the employee who has been watching you that has been doing the stealing and is trying to get the focus on me or another customer.


Usually, the "customer" is a ***. Either

a) They're stealing. (Raises prices)

b) They're throwing stuff back in the wrong place. (This also raises prices if it's a grocery item. If we find a carton of orange juice in an aisle, we don't know how long it's been out there, so it automatically gets thrown out)

c) They're eating food in the store and not paying for it. (Stealing)

The customer is almost always a *** and needs to always be watched :)


Whatever you are all idiots. Thanks for replying.


Why do you all grow up yourself? Ther only people that would work walmart or retail now a days are people who can not get jobs else where.


Time for you to take a chill pill yourself and get real


You may have worked in retail for 15 years but you do not speak for every person that has worked or does work in retail. Just because a person is looking at you doesn't mean that they are trying to cause trouble with you.

Clear pictures?? Lol, honey there are people that try to avoid people greeters and they do so by going out other doors. So, it's not just the door greeters. You don't know about their jobs anyways...

Oh, and yes I do work at Walmart.

You can hold it against me like a child but I would defend anyone that I think is right even if that person did not work at Walmart. Time to grow up.


What you must be a door greeter other wise why would you take such an offense. You door greeters never do your jobs anyway.

Otherwise the profits would always be up instead of down.

Just drop it. You will never see the clear picture because you probably are biased.


I have worked retail for over 15 years. so do not tell me how and where I need to work.

I probably have worked almost every field. Maybe you do not understand the senerio about how door greeters and what there job is intended to really do. Yes they are to watch the door. But the door only as customers come through.

not interize the customers as they comein to first do there shopping. People have been complaining that they are being interogated before they even begin there shopping by the door greeting and then followed throughout the store and leaving the door unattended for someone to actually steal from the store. So if the door greeter leaves the door area to follow a person throuhg the store without notifying anyone is that not considered stalking. Now this person just walked into the store with no person or additional packages.

Comes in and grabs a cart and suddenly this person becomes a suspect and then interogated by securtiy for no reason. This happens over and over at several wal-mart-s I have been in. The door greeters have no respect for anyone who enters there store and yet we are who pays there salary. WHY shop there if you are going to be interrogated at all times throughout the store when you have never done anything.

Is the problem racial, person being to tall, too skinny, too fat, and so on. I does not matter the scenerio. The person should not be interogated unless notified by the local authorities that this perosn is on the wanted list.

I do not even shop there any more because of the harrassment by the people that work there. They have little respect for the customers at any given time.


Try working in retail for a while, Sam6000, then you'll see how dishonest some people really are, and you'll understand why store employees are constantly watching shoppers, or should be.