Jasper, Alabama

I was buying some earphones from Wal-Mart and when I went to checkout, a mentally challenged kid I go to school with was buying a drink and a candy bar. The employee checking him out looked like she was in her 30s or so, and when the kid told her to have a good day, she was like, "Don't talk to me.

It was bad enough I had to even look at you." This pissed me off because the kid gets enough *** at school for it. When I was paying for my purchase, I told her he is mentally challenged and she doesn't need to talk to him like that because he gets picked on enough at school. Her reply was, "Do I look like I give a ***? I hate retards." I lost my temper and told her she was an insensitive ***.

She raised her voice at me and told me to get out of the store before she calls the cops. I shouldn't have called her a ***, but she didn't have to make fun of someone who's mentally challenged and around half her age.

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This is a sad story. There is no reason for people to treat others like that. :sigh


Ok, so how did this get 5 useful votes? This story sounds made up to me.

A cashier wouldn't just do something like that. Give me a break.


You sound like a cold person.


I work at Walmart and if I saw my co-worker react like that and to someone like you saying something to them I would've backed you if said cashier called security or management.


Better yet call the 800 number be sure and give them the name of the employee and the day and time of the incident.


Call the store and ask to speak to the head manager and tell him/her about it.