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Update by user Oct 09, 2015

Also other people were also laughing while watching the scene, so that means that they too thought that she should not be hiring. My brother said he thought they were laughing at me and I told him to shut up or I would sock him one.

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I was in your store and I was buying some make up for myself and I had my younger sister and brother with me. My sister and brother selected a few toys that they wanted.

Anyways the person in the toy department could not help me. It is very clear that she has a learning disability and she could not help me. I asked her where the Pokemon cards were and she told me because that was what I wanted. They ran out of cards.

I asked the retard working there when they would be returning and they told me that she did not know, in a week or so. I told her if she knows the exact date and she said she did not know, her facial features, and the way she talks shows she obviously has down syndrome. The sad thing I applied for a job here twice and was turned down and they hired her. I guess they cannot discriminate but this is ridiculous.

Then this busy body possible rapist(who else would talk to a girl he does not know. He was about 15 years old and told me that I was being rude to the employee. Nope he was 15 actually because I asked him how old he was and he said 15. I myself am 18.

I told him to mind his own business that I has applied for a job twice and never got one and they gave one to her. Then the manager came in and asked if there was a problem. I told him that It was unfair that they hire people who cannot do their jobs properly. He stood up for his employee, whatever happened to the customer is always right?

I told him that I applied for a job here and was not hired and they hired her. At this point he informed me that she is a very good worker and I was not welcome in his store if I was going to harass his employees, what ever happened to "freedom of expression" Besides if this person does not want to be harassed she should not be working with people, she should be in back cleaning washrooms or something where she does not have to deal with people. At this point I was so shocked by the manager's rude treatment that I told my sister and brother to leave the toys behind we were going home. My sister refused to leave and I told her if she did not come with me I would leave her in the store.

Then I muttered to everyone, look at the people they hire. I applied for a job here and they hired this retard. I said this as I was pointing to her. The manager then asked me to leave the store or he would call security and the police since this is considered a "hate crime" How is this a hate crime.

I never laid a finger on her. He told me not to call her a retard, and I said what am I to call her, it is like telling me not to call a black person black, or a Mexican person Hispanic.

Needless to say I will be taking this to court as I still find it unfair that they would hire a person who cannot do her job properly instead of me. I believe this prastice is called infirmitave action and it is illegal in 2015?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They resolved an issue, by banning you. The very thing you are *** about is them not resolving issues, they solved one, be happy. run along.


You go, girl! GIRL POWER!!!!

Take that to court and see what happens; I know I'm just dying to know what a judge (who's very job is to uphold the LAW) would have to say about this.

Because that WAS illegal of Walmart to kick you out of their store, the CUSTOMER, for being so right!

And you shouldn't warn the disrespectful kiddies in the future, just smack them and tell them why later. They don't learn respect from words!

And PLEASE post updates, I REALLY want to know what happens when you take them to court!!!


you are now ready


Court? people at Walmart aren't even paid enough to KNOW the EXACT date when a specific item will hit the store.

That's NOT their job. As for everything else you have written just shows how simply of an IGNORANT person you are.

Over Pokemon cards you're going to call someone "retarded" or with "Down syndrome?!" If I were manager of that's store I would've made sure you would've been KICKED out. Good luck getting any lawyer to be a part of your case.


Its not fair that a Customer Service Manager is dating an employee and he gets special treatment. Patricia Santos a CSM at the Wal-Mart in North Miami Beach is dating a cashier named Bryan Day.

Bryan comes to work late at least twice a week! If it were I, I would get written up.

He gets to come to work late and do as he please, gets off the registers when he wants. This is the Wal-Mart on ne 163 st.


Perhaps he is written up, they don't exactly post in the employee lounge if someone is written up or not. Now I believe this site allows bullying of disabled people, cause my comment about my own sibling was deleted.

She has DS, and works at Toys are US, and if anyone harassed her at her place of work I would file charges and have them banned from the store all together. However my comment telling off a bully was deleted, so in conclusion this site allows the disabled to be bullied.


Might I add, you are not that bright yourself OP, only you can mark the issue as resolved. Walmart or their CEOs did not mark the review as resolved.

YOU DID, you click on something called issue resolved and the it shows up as resolved. Perhaps you clicked on by accident to claim the issue was resolved, but it was your doing not anyone else so get to know how this horrible and unprofessional site works before posting things like this. Makes you look foolish, then again by harassing a disabled employee and threatening to abuse your younger sisters, you already made a fool of yourself. I don't like this site.

I vowed not to post on this unprofessional site because I am having the same issues as another user is having(harassment, impersonation). I was banned for making a complaint about how unprofessional this site is. My review was removed. I switched providers and got a new IP address.

I came here to see if this site is still, a joke, yeah it is. But your review angers and disgusts me. You and your sister are disgusting people. I just had to post my views on your behavior.

You may be 18 because of how many years you were on Earth but you behave like a spoiled brat. I know there are those that are younger than you on this site, one only ten who behave more maturely than you behave. Grow up and act your age. You want a job, grow up okay.

Most people don't hire babies that throw a temper tantrum inside their store, and your little temper tantrum just shows how childish you are.

Not only that but your little temper tantrum just eliminated any chance they had of hiring you in the future, and not only that I am sure your sister retaliated against this employee for being harassed by you and that is why your sister was fired. As a mother she needs to set a better example and hopefully they don't learn to be as ignorant as their aunt and mother.


I have a nine year old daughter. She is much more mature than you are.

Why are you harassing this poor employee, she has the right to work as well. The manager is not handling this right. Yeah he was right to kick you out of the store, but he should have banned you from the store completely. It is his job to protect the employees from harassment and abusive customers.

Most likely your sister was fired because she too was harassing the employee. Companies have strict rules and regulations about how employees behave towards one and other. My guess is that your sister was fired for harassing her as well because poor you did not get a job? Calling someone a retard is very insulting and you and your sister should be ashamed of yourselves.

Also why are you flirting with 15 year old's when you are 18. That is just wrong. Okay I know you are not, but just like you can call this 15 year old who is more mature than you a rapist for interfering, I can say you flirt with 15 year old's just for talking with him. Kudos on the 15 year old, his mother taught him well.

Kudos on your younger brother your mother taught him well. I am sure she taught you the difference between right and wrong and not to bully and harass a disabled person at work, but it went in one ear and out the other. I bet the reason your sister got fired was because she was bullying her in the work place. Would not surprise me if this were the case.

You are lucky I was not in the store when you threatened to abandon your younger sister or when you threatened to "sock him one" I would have reported you to the police for abusing not only your siblings but the disabled worker as well.

You sister was most likely fired because she harassed the employee after you were kicked out of the store. Since you did not mention why your sister was fired I am going to believe this.


No her sister was fired from the store for stealing.


Where did you get that from? I seriously doubt she would admit to her sister stealing. That is just speculation.


Look at her other letter and she said her sister was fired for stealing from her store.


You say you are 18 years old, but the way you act and judge other people, says otherwise. I know four year olds who are more mature than you.


If you look at all the post I posted under my name they are blue, aside from the three I did anonymous which you can see under the same name. The ones you did under my name are all black because they aren't accounts.

They are you. You are working really hard to make someone you don't know look like a monster but the irony is that it only makes it more evident you are the monster.

I did tell that person making fun and bullying a disabled person that their mom should of swallowed. I'd say the same to you but I feel really bad saying that to a little boy!!!

You want to gather a troll army to back you up that's fine I will say the same to them.

You're childish and need to internet taken away from you. Bullying, harassing, and impersonating people is against the law. One day you will get caught and get in serious trouble.

I hope you are prepared for the consequence!!!


What a spoiled, selfish, pathetic *** you are. Good luck taking it to court lmao.

Oh, and good luck with your job hunting! You must be a charm to work with.


You are an ***, I can see why they wouldn't hire you, I wouldn't hire you. Your attitude stinks, and people skills, forget about it.

I think your job should be cleaning toilets. You are probably some lazy *** who sits around.

Everyone has the right to work, even if they are disabled or mentally challenged. It is not this persons fault that they were born this way.


This person has a right to be be employed as well, why are they hiring someone just because they have a disability. There are homes for these people.


I sure hope everything you post is all a pathetic attempt for attention or to get a rise out of people. If that's not the case you and your family are by far some of the worst people and should be ashamed of yourselves.

You think it's Okay to talk to another human being let alone disabled person the way you do?

You think it's Okay to steal from an employee and not go to jail let alone fired for it?

Your mom should of swallowed!!


Same with your mom.


Okay pathetic little weasel, don't you have toy soldiers to go burn or animals to torture?


I never insinuated anything!! So you can't comprehend and you also need a dictionary!!

How about you go outside and play!! Leave these kids alone and stop bullying disabled people and children. Just as you don't like to be called a little boy, they don't like to be called a dummy, retard, or potatoes. I don't really care what you call me lol.

See I'm what you call an adult, I may be placating you, but it's out of amusement. Not because I care what you say to me.

Yes they do ban, click on Kevin Richards account, it has been banned. Oh wait I should just ask you if you can log onto it anymore?