Panorama City, California

I was standing in line to pay when an employee spoke to the checker telling her she had to get him a bottle of booze for his birthday. She tried to ignore him, and he finally said "don't be embarrassed, they are only customers." To make it worse when I told a manger he just stood there and looked at me.

He didn't say thank you, I'm sorry, I'll take care of it, just nothing. I finally had to ask what his response was and he nodded.

I am already annoyed by so many employees talking amongst themselves and ignoring the customers now days. But insulting the customers is a new low!

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Its time to face facts all you will ever be is just a customer. What makes you think youre better than anyone else?

Dont you get that all you ever will be is a number and nothing more.

Thats all anyone is at corporate even the employees. So get your head out of your *** and think with your brain for once ok?


So you are offended because ... why?

Go light yourself on fire, you self-entitled tard. If you are annoyed by employees talking amongst themselves, you probably long for the slaveholding days.


My complaint is why walmart stores managers set up their associates and turn around and fired them.for doing something a manager told her to do.I have seen ALOT OF times done at Turkey lake road store,and south John young PARKWAY stores.why.and when a associate.has problems if it affected their jobs walmart manager's dont want to hear it.saying it is not their problems.but if it's has to do with walmart no one listen to what happens the associates get fired.for something a manager told them to do even when it was wrong.l have seen this done at the walmart stores at Turkey lake road.and south John young Orlando,Fla.why do manager's do this.because they don't want to give their associates a raise. :. :(


Dear anonymous: and you are probably nothing more than a dead-end loser on welfare and foodstamps.


get a life i dont care if its food stamps or cash,credit card or check were still deserve consideration after all were giving them are money


how about this un-educated and rude culture we live in? most of these posts are obvious, typical Obama supporters, thinking someone else owes them something. Inconsiderate cashiers should be fired, even if the manager is one of them.


I totally agree


Do you people need the red carpet rolled out when you walk into *** Walmart? I've got news for you..

You're nothing more than a customer.. If you are looking for a better shopping experience, or want your fat *** kissed a bit more, try a mom and pop shop!


He's right, you're only customers. There's no reason for the employee to be embarrassed because you are just a customer, not someone they should be fearful of buying booze or anything else in front of.

He was trying to ease the fears of a fellow employee. It's not like he said "They're only customers $#$% 'em" or "Eh what do those $#%@ customers know?" They're not the police, they're not your congregation, they're just customers.

What he said was just fine and of course the manager just stood there, he didn't see the problem either. Get over yourself.


Sounds to me like he is trying to get a gift card or something for something that is not a big deal.


its was a lack of courtesy and lack of training toward a paying customer

ive been a victim of it and its happening too often

it does not make you want to continue shopping and spending your money with them

and they wonder why their sales are flagging

i had a problem at my local store i reported it to the manager

i even went farther they wanted detail which i provided and nothing since


They are one of the top companies in the world moneywise their sales are not flopping, so whatever fantasies you have little boy, if it makes you feel better than well that is up to you. Like another poster said, you are just a customer, not the Queen of England so why should they care how you feel. Frankly I don't think they will care about how or she feels.


Ummmmmm, WalMart's sales are FAR from "flagging". They are the largest retailer AND employer in the world, like it or not.

BTW, I love how you use the word "victim".

It's shopping, not guerrilla warfare! Get over yourself.


Your comment doesn't make much sense.


You are just a customer! Or are you the king of a country? Either way who cares!


it is the times. MANAGERS arn't eally managers they make 2 bucks more than the cashiers and have no education and it shows!!!!!!!!!!!!


Judging from your spelling and grammar and the OP's spelling and grammar you yourselves have no education. To the anonymous that just posted.

I agree with the other anonymous, your comment does not make sense.

After all if he were king of a country, he would have more money and would not need to shop at Walmart.

To the OP, if you were insulted by this you must have been verbally abused. Get thicker skin.