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Someone I know was fired from Walmart distribution center because they got 7 points in 6 months, three of which were not the employee's fault but Walmart's fault. The GM and HR department at Walmart lied to the employee by telling him he called him when he did not.

He was not given any written warning or told he was getting close to going over the 5 points in 6 months. This employee will be going to the Department of Labor to file a grievance and hiring a lawyer because he has proof that he was not called. He always got 100 to 120% production working in break pack. When he put in for PTO it was approved but come to find out it was not.

There was no way for him to know this because the system said it was approved. They are nothing but animals and treat their employees worse than animals. This is a HORRIBLE COMPANY to work for.

I hope they go under. I am telling everyone I know not to shop there.

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Second hand stories aren't very reliable. You may not have been given the whole or true story and every time a story gets repeated something changes a bit. Since this didn't happen to you, you shouldn't be posting about it.