Franklin, Louisiana

Me and my boyfriend and children was shopping in the toy department and my boyfriend found a walmart portable printer that they used to mark things down with. My boyfriend brought it to the counter in electronics department and he gave it to erin a associate.

She said in a rude voice what are you talking about in a rude voice. As he was returning it to her. And this is not first time that this has happened we do not like to go there if she is working. All the other employees in that department are kind.

If she don't know how to be nice then she needs to work were she does not have to deal with customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

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I cannot. I simply cannot read any more of your jibberjabber.

I have a headache and going to drink a six-pack now. Are you happy?

Your low budget greendot card edjumucation skillses dun rerrbed off on me. Dagnabbit Billy- Jim-Jo-Babby, hershup

First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #795304

She was trying out her Arnold Jackson impression, she was not insulting you, end of story good-bye.

Denver, Colorado, United States #795291

English 101. Take it.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #795108

I'm honestly more interested in why you felt the need to take the printer anywhere. Speaking from experience(not walmart but else where) A lot of times employees will leave something somewhere because they got called to do something or to go get something else.

You may have actually caused an issue for someone else who was using that Printer.

Other than that yeah It really sounds like there is more to this story than you're letting on.


You guys have swiped stuff Walmart! And I'm sure when you drag your trailer trash *** through the store, everyone working, stops and laughs at you! Hahahahaha!

Holiday, Florida, United States #794592

You're a ***. I feel very sorry for your children.

Franklin, Louisiana, United States #794579

Actually me and my boyfriend were having a private conversation about what a *** erin was and about how unlucky we were to run into her again while shopping. It was none of her concern.

She had to listen in on our privat talking and she gotted angry that we was talking about her. Well if she wasn't not listening in on a privat talking she would not get mad at us for talking about her telling the truth, and she reported me to the police once because she thought I would thief something I would never thief something. my child thiefed something once and that is why she is accepting I am a thief.

this was just a toy car and less than a doller which I made him putted back after I found he had in his hand when I lefted the store. maybe she saw me and thought my boyfriend thiefed the printer and put something cheap.

to Anonymous #825497

Please stop talking.

Orange, California, United States #794577

Well it is not her fault. She probably just wanted to know what you were trying to tell her.

If you speak as poorly as you type she probably did not understand your poor English. Not her fault if you cannot put a simple sentence together that a normal person can understand.

Also it is pathetic that your boyfriend cannot fight his own battles. He needs you to write for him.


If your boyfriend said nothing to her than why would she say "what are you talking about." Of course there is more to this story than you are telling us.

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