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Bullhead City Arizona store Employee in garden section today July 03 2018 9:20am she had purple hair I find that to be very unprofessional

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Durpa is always being rude and arrogant too others. Durpa needs too learn too shut up and grow up.

Clearly this person does not know if they had an bad experience with the employee with the purple hair.

maybe that how they remember the person, without remembering the name. Maybe Durpa needs too stop making assumptions or accusations about others.


Hey OP! Go ahead and tell me that my grandmother can’t have purple or pink hair.

Go ahead commie! Dictate YOUR BELIEFS to another US CITIZEN! Show us all how hollow and baseless you truly are. Silly little slack jawed moron the world has changed.

Get with it or get off it.

Either way make a choice and keep your *** opinions to yourself. Literally no one gives a damn about YOUR idea of beauty.


To: Bullhead City, Arizona, Purple Hair. Wow.

customers like you are complaining about others what they do with their lives or their bodies need too shut the *** up. Don't be an *** too others unless if you want others too be an *** back too you.

let me guess you got nothing better too do than too destroy an person's reputation just because of their hair. People like you an nobody special if you're going too be unprofessional at being rude and arrogant.


Other than the color of her hair, was the employee in question polite? Helpful?

Knowledgable? Did she smile, say Hello and Thank You? Was her uniform/clothes clean?

Did she smell like body odor or marijuana? Was there absolutely ANYTHING else about her appearance or behavior that you found offensive or personally objectionable?


This person had purple hair and chose to work at WalMart. What other evidence could one possibly need of her low stature!


I work at a grocery store, and an older female customer, whose hair was turquoise blue, came to my line.


How does hair dye and an honest living make someone "low?"


Sure lets forget about her hair color for a moment. She still chose to work at WalMart, that makes her "low" by default.


So, she's earning an honest living and she's trash? Please explain.


Perhaps the employee "chose" to work at Walmart because it was the only job she applied to that actually called her in for an interview (what with most jobs these days requiring 3+ years of experience for an "entry level right out of high school" position). Maybe she's attending college and Walmart was the only employer in the area willing to work around her class schedule.Believe it or not, there are reasons people work at Walmart that aren't "This person is too stupid/trashy to be qualified for anything else".


We're are these "Non trashy" Walmart workers you speak of? I've certainly have never seen such a unicorn while visiting.


Their customers are worse than their employees. You can't see the forest for the trees.