Duncansville, Pennsylvania

I had planned to pick up one or two items and did not take a shopping cart. By the time I reached the back of the store, I had picked up more than a few items. I knew the lines at the register would be long and I didn't want to hold a load of groceries for a half hour.

There was a row of shopping carts (about 10 or so) lined up in the dairy section. Upon taking one of the carts, an employee stocking the dairy shelves proceeded to yell "Hey, don't touch those carts! They are for my garbage!" He dropped his boxes and started walking towards me with a serial killer look on his face until I took my hand off the cart. Because this guy couldn't spare one cart for my two armfuls of items, the store lost out on additional sales. I should have dropped my items on the floor in front of him and walked out but I calmly went to the register (waited for 20 minutes in self checkout) and left. Better yet, I should have taken the cart anyway and had him chase me around the store.

This Walmart is known for being equivalent to *** and they consistently live up to that reputation. Rude employees, long checkout lines and always out of common items. Two out of thirty registers open on a weekend night with gaggles of employees walking around bull$hitting about non-work related topics.

  • rude employee
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Gaggles of employees...



Ummm who cares that they put garbage in them it's not like you are going to lick the carts!


I wouldn't put my merchandise in a cart that was KNOWN to be for garbage in the first place! Ew!

(More than one grocery store I've shopped at, takes the trash bags out of PUBLIC TRASH BINS even out front, and uses the carts to take it to the back. One employee warned me that a line of carts was for garbage use, and I never take from there anymore.)

@Patricia T

How do you think they dump their garbage?

Drag bags across the floor from 100 trash cans?

Use common sense.