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We were visiting in tucson and I lost my cap. We went to the first Walmart and found it was just a market.

We went to the second Walmart in tucson. I asked two different employees where the caps/hats were. They BOTH SAID, we don't have any in THIS STORE. I told them my Walmarts have caps.

They said "not here".

I decided to look around and found caps in the men's department and the ladies department. Terrible non-helpful employees and none of the employees in this store were nice to you!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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First of all I hope your parents did not get upset with you when you lost your cap. I am glad that you are using your own money to replace it instead of having them buy you a new one.

They work hard for their money and cannot replace everything you lose.

These things happen. Second, the store sells thousands of products, it is not like a gas station store, they cannot know where each and every item is.