100 N Lhs Dr, Lumberton, TX 77657, USA
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I have been going into the Lumberton, TX store now for about 4 years and lately I have seen some employees parking in front of the store and I said something to other employees they have said that let management know. But nothing has happened.

I have seen older people have to park away from the store because of this.

I told a lady that I thought was a manager but she told that if they get caught they take a risk of getting in trouble. I have told them about 3 different employees that park up front and have done nothing.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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So you're a snitch? Mind you're own business and it won't *** you off.


Look!! we all have a right to our feeling and opinions but, somethings are just not that DAMN IMPORTANT, such as where the *** a WALMART EMPLOYEE PARKS!

Have you forgot, they are people too!! If its that DAMN important to park close to the door, DON'T DRIVE! Take a Uber, bus, or have someone to drop you off at the door!

Better yet! drive around the DAMN PARKING LOT like everyone else until you get a front door PARKING SPACE!


Why do you care op? It's people like you who always try to get workers in trouble or worse fired.



Exactly where do you want the Walmart employees to park?

First B

As long as they are not parking in handicapped places they are perfectly fine. If not report them to the police not management

@First B

Actually, Walmart employees do have spots they are supposed to park in. Next time you go to the store, pay attention to the color of the lines in the parking lot.

If they are yellow they are for customers only.

If they are white they are for customers or associates. However, due to a disability or physical restriction, the associates the OP has seen may have an ADA which allows them to park closer, and there is nothing that can be done about that no matter who it is reported to.


Who really gives a damn where the associates park! The is far more important things to worry abt, than a *** parking space!

@First B

Why is some kid with a bart simpson logo posting advice to people. Go back to daycare and play on a cartoon site.

First B

At least I can stay on topic.


At least I can stay on topic.