College Station, Texas
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On Thanksgiving, I waited for an arm band. I fought through a crowded parking lot.

Waited in line for hours to receive a PS4. Then waited to place this item on layaway. Today when I went to retrieve my item I was told an employee sold it. I missed Thanksgiving dinner with my family simply to purchased this.

I followed every rule. I was SO excited to be able to finally get this gift. I cannot BELIEVE that you have an employee that went to the stock room and took MY item so that she could sell it to a friend or family member. That is the same as employee theft in my mind.

I wanted to give this to the person early. I cleared a space, set up a tv and was ready for my little nephew. This along with my time waiting and spending that holiday meal with my family was taken from me by your employee at the College Station, TX location. I will never ever trust your system of layaway again.

I am considering letting our local news station know of the risks as well as posting on many social media sites. This employee should be terminated and your inventory control needs to be reevaluated.

Yes they promised to order me a new one. That does not get back my lost time, lost memories, and the sadness of a little boy who was expecting a surprise and now must wait.

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I don't even comprehend how in a mob like there is at these special events, a person could put anything on lay away. Just because your nephew's family couldn't get him anything for Christmas, doesn't mean you had go go whole hog and get him a game system.

If he is in the right age limits and his parents qualify income wise they could gifts for him from some of the charities that do things like that.

Grow up and get over it. I know of kids that get really nice gifts from these charities.


Do a youtube video. Go back and record all of this!

get the name of the managers asked to speak to the regional Manager get name on recording and post to youtube. Post link ad on walmarts facebook!

Not shocked that an EMPLOYEE took your black frinday DEAL!! They get most of the deals anyway!


Total BS!!! Walmart associates are the ones who lose out on the deals because they are working and not allowed to shop while on the clock.

By the time they get a lunch break all the good deals are gone. Know what you are talking about before you open your mouth. Furthermore, the op is assuming that the employee sold the system to a friend or relative, why??? The item probably just got misplaced and so they ordered another one.

Everybody is so quick to make accusations against Walmart employees that they don't even know. *** happens...Get over it!


To go along with this, layaway was closed on Thanksgiving.


Black Friday 2016 my local Wal-Mart store's layaway dept was closed. But several years previous the layaway dept was open for Black Friday deals!


Absolute BS, employees never get any of the deals. WM employees are treated like ***.


Good on you then...but stop trying to tug at the sympathy strings by saying you gave up your family cant have it both ways.......


Re read your own statement and reflect a gave up being with your family, to stand in line for a game console...maybe this is a sign from above. You got issues


This was for my nephew who's family could not afford a gift for him or his brother. I have issues? I submitted this as a warning not to be judged for trying to do something kind for a child in need.


Sounds to me like you are the one judging people. Did they tell you that this employee went to the back, grabbed your console and then sold it to their friend or family member? You know what happens when you assume don't you?


I agree she sounds like she is a child assuming that this is the case and claiming that this is what happened without proof. Also if your nephew was expecting the surprise it is not a surprise anyway.


You put a Black Friday item on layaway? LOL! :grin :grin :grin