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My son was terminated from Walmart. I asked him to get a letter stating that he was terminated.

(I needed this as verification) They told him there was a website that agencys could access and they would get that info they needed. A few weeks went by and was notified that i needed that verification. Well to make it short and sweet.... i told the agency that he worked for Walmart and they said oh good we can verify through website.

To which it came back his staus was still active. Great just another issue. I called Walmart told them all this asked why if this was the case 1 they wont write a letter 2 he was on there system as inactive. At this point i was angry, why do you provide a service that does not work?

really? The system does not work. Why is this exceptable? I then asked questions about this online site and asked will it say he was terminated?

HR couldnt answer that question. So now you have people that dont know how this website works but is the only way to get verification? Again my son was told he could not have a termination letter that it could be obtained through the site. The site that the agency can see is not what Walmart sees and why?

Walmart you need to fix this and train personal on how your system works. You put all this in place but it only half ***

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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OP is wrong on so many levels. The more people that point out this fact, the angrier she becomes.

to Anonymous #1654162

She even defended her son for sexually abusing a classmate. He was terminated for sexual harassment. She is using his disability to get away with it.


You are an embarrassment. Like mother like son. Good luck in life

to KeenCougar221 #1648362

Why would you report someone for speaking the truth? You are the one acting trashy, overprotective, ignorant and stubborn. That son of yours does not stand a chance in life unless he removes the toxic influence that is you.

to Anonymous #1648546

Better be careful or this liar will say that you are the same person. She truly needs a good slap across the face.

Someone should report her for lying and falsely accusing her of accusing people who are different people of being the same person. No wonder her son i a loser. Mommy is a loser herself.

Only she spells it looser then calls others retarded. Her son is the true retard and no one cries to her still.


I almost feel sorry for this kid. His mom is a real nut-job!

to Anonymous #1648177

That being said, no wonder he cannot keep a job. Probably cries to mommy everytime a customer tells him off or when he has an argument with his coworker. Mommy probably yells at the people who were mean to her precious baby.

to ImpossibleQuokka #1648555

Thats right baby... always will

to KeenCougar221 #1648741

Well the people your son sexually assaulted have a right to protection as well form their parents.

to Anonymous #1648535

She is just protecting her so. Yeah she is being immature about it by calling people names and accusing them of working for the company and being the same person.

But for an adult she is immature. What kind of role model is she to her son?

to Zachary2001 #1648556

You are missing the point this guy or *** thks he knows whats hapoening he had no idea i was agreeing w him. Thank you

to KeenCougar221 #1648733

You were not agreeing with anyone and you are immature. Also before calling me dumb learn how to spell happening.

Learn that the pronoun I begins with a capital letter.

The only one missing the point is you. Stop attacking others on this site.

to KeenCougar221 #1648740

I don't think you know who to read. He is not saying that you are wrong.

I think Zachary2001 is on your side with you defending your so. or son as he meant it. just that you are being immature in your approach. Also what about your lies saying that anonymous and I are the same person.

Why is it okay for you to lie? Why is it okay for you to lie and say that people work for the company if they tell you off. Grow up.

No wonder your son is a pathetic child. When he raped someone you blame his disability or the victim.


What type of moron get's "fired" from a WalMart job? Those are not real jobs in the first place.

to Anonymous #1645951

You are an ignorant moron. Walmart gives you a pay check.

You have no idea what you are writing. You seem to be a real know it all. Do you work for them? If you were talented enough you would know that after the season people are let go.

Terminate! Not “fired”. You are really a piece of work. You love to argue your simple mind works strangely.


Its all coming to you. Just let me know when you want it to stop.

to KeenCougar221 #1646099

I wish that I could get one of those $10 an hour jobs working at Wal-Mart. I live in absolute dump but can't move because my SSI isn't enough to rent anything at all where I live.

I'd feel like I was rich if I was making $10 an hour. Maybe they can convert one of those Self-Checkout machines to a normal checkout and hire me to operate it.

to Speaking In Tounges After Drinking A Fifth #1647665

Geez, Walmart here pays way more than 10 an hour. Sounds like 10 an hour is all your worth.

Im sure you can be rehired if they see you finally can just stand there and watch people do there own job at the check out. You should be happy that you get paid 10 an hour. I suggest you seek another job or some training. Your life will change once you see that this is all about to bite you in the *** For the *** you are.

Yes karma has nothing to do with it.

Let me know how its workn for you. Good luck

to Speaking In Tounges After Drinking A Fifth #1649524

To KeenCougar221, your tag should GermanRoach221. At any rate, I am sure that where you live must be super-expensive with very costly places to rent.

I bet that the Huge Wal-Mart wages there actually don't go as far as where I live where a one bedroom is about $1,000 a month. So, tell me KeenCougar221, what does the Wal-Mart where you live pay an hour and how much does a one bedroom apartment cost???

to KeenCougar221 #1647678

I think you must the moron for ASSuming that anonymous works for them. IF he did he would not be insulting the workers by saying that that is not a real job.

Learn to comprehend what you read before making a huge fool of yourself.

Terminated and fired means the same thing. Do you know how stupid you are making yourself out to be?

to ImpossibleQuokka #1647785

Look i feel your the same person. Who cares if he works for them? You both are ***

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