Greenwood, South Carolina

In recent months I have shopped this store and others in S.C. to find a lot of the shelves half empty.

When I ask an employee about this problem I get some excuse like 'We had a sale and haven't had a chance to restock. Another is we are taking inventory to see what we need. I'm tired of going to a store to shop and can't find half of what I want. This is an ongoing problem and I'm ready to change store chains, maybe K-mart.

The reason I shopprd Walmart in the first place was because the prices were lower than other stores, but not anymore. As high as Bi-Lo is, I can find a lot of the same products as low or lower priced at Bi-Lo.

So why go to Walmart? At least the shelves are full at Bi-Lo.

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like the others said, it sometimes depends on the vendors and manufacturers. and good luck shopping at Kmart.


good luck shopping at K-Mart. See how that goes for you-lol


Different vendors. I work for a Walmart in southwest Florida.

This is snow bird season. Many items are not stocked as they are unavailable from either the warehouse or the manufacturer. I order every day, but that does not mean it will come immediately. Items in the warehouse come in about 3 days.

Vendor items come in about 2 weeks.

And no we do not buy massive quantities. We have no where to store such overstock of every item we sell.

And even Kmart is out of stuff sometimes.


You can't tell me this happens consistantly. There are times that it does happen.

Sometimes a truck doesn't arrive when it should, sometimes there has been a sale, and sometimes it even happens if you wait until the last minute to get something that you need and there has been a run on it, by people that plan ahead. I normally do plan ahead, but there has been times that I have had to wait until the last minute, and then I find my choices to be severely limited.

Have fun in KMart. I haven't set foot in either of the KMarts here for more than five years, because they are extremely cluttered, and since uniting with Sears their prices have gotten really high.