Walmart has the nerve to complain about distributers running out of products (especially when there is no control over a mad rush on certain items) when Walmart won't keep their own everyday items on the shelf. I have been to numerous stores looking for something only to find that they are out Again!!

I guess that they just decided that this is the week that they are not going to get it in, or the following week. Seems to be the typical practice of Walmart.

Walmart you need to get your own *** straight before complaining about someone else not doing it! And no I am not one of your distributors!

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actually.. Walmart has to wait for its own brand of products to come in too.

I mean they don't just have a little factory underground of each Walmart where they create the products. ***.

Naples, Florida, United States #637074

Stores can order what they want of many items. However, they do not have a magic room to store it all.

Naples, Florida, United States #637072

Dude, just where exactly do you think Walmart gets their merchandise, even the common products? The tooth fairy? NO, they get it from their DISTRIBUTERS. When the DISTRBUTERS are OUT the stores are OUT.

Hello.....are you listening? Your complaint sounds ridiculous.


There are numerous complaints on this site regarding lack of merchandise on shelves, and stocking items. In some cases it is the distributor and in others the store just does not have employees to stock merchandise. Try looking for the item online and have it shipped to the store, there is no fee and you will get it in a timely manner..usually.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #636357

I haven't seen any complaints on here from WalMart about other businesses. What in heck are you talking about?

Trucks can be delayed for one reason or another, mainly because of the whether, but there was awhile back that I heard on the news that one of the WalMart trucks was in a roll over accident. If a store is out of their brand, why in heaven's name would you spend transportation money going from one store to another looking for one of their brand, when they have other brands for just a little bit more? I have a couple WalMart employees tell me, in the course of conversation that each store doesn't order what they need. Corporate decides when and what each store needs, according to computer records.

That being said there has been times that I have looked for something that they are out of, but it is usually brand name things. I would never run from store to store looking for something, that you can substitute brands for.

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