I go to Walmart often but it seems to get worse every time I go. The shelves are empty.

Yesterday I went to get milk and the kind that I use was not available this s the second time. I also wanted some sweet pepper relish and there was none, I talked to someone at the store and he checked and said it would B in last night. A lot of the shelves are empty. I also brought a prescription to B filled last Friday and they said it would B ready Monday so I called Monday and they said it was apartial fill and would B ready Monday afternoon.

I went to pick up my prescription on Tuesday afternoon and it was not ready . I am a stock holder I I do not like what is happening .

Thank You Store #2629 at 100 Valley Pkw. Whitinsville MA

My email address is wandafrog2254@charter.net

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sometimes the warehouse that the items are ordered and coming from is out. It's not always Walmarts fault. You'll get this problem anywhere you go.


Keep in mind the poster is three years old, if not by birth at least mentally. They think everything should be handed to them when they want it, that stores have magical supplies of everything and when they don't get what they want they throw a temper tantrum. I can just see the OP throwing himself on the ground and screaming because they ran out of his favorite chocolate bar.


I like how the children who complain on this site think that stores have an endless supply of products that should be available upon waving a magic wand. If the poser were an adult they would know that sometimes stores run out.

They could order more of the product ordered but the company making the product may limit the amount of sales to different companies.

I also never knew three year olds were allowed to purchase stocks. I also hope you got your parents permission before submitting your email address.


Putting people down again, huh kevin. makes you look better, huh kevin.


If they are going to throw a temper tantrum because a store ran out of a product they deserve to be put down. An adult would know that items don't magically appear on shelves, sometimes the item is not manufactured, and companies can only sell a certain amount to each company.

For example if Oreo wants to sell their mint cookies, many grocery stores want to stock them, so they give a certain amount to each company and the company has no control over that. If this person was an adult they would know this simple thing.