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Walmart for the last year or so has consistently had empty shelves. And no one in any of the isles to ask if they are out or to get something off the top shelf.

This makes me go to other grocery stores when i leave Walmart to finish my grocery list. Its not one or two items every time i go, its multiple things they are out of. Ive attached these photos for others to see and that is not all if the pictures I took. I took 16 pictures througjout the store today but cant upload all if them.

I have complained to employees there but it does no good cause evidently Walmart is not listening to their employees. Walmart cannot say well, this was due to the weekend, no this is anyday if the week. Been shopping there for 17 years and now Im done. You will not see empty shelves in other grocery stores.

Cant wait till the new Publics is finished being built. Does anyone else have this problem with the Walmart they go to?.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It’s the same here in Port St Lucie, Fl. Multiple items are missing and appears to not be re-stocked.

(Large Nestlie French Vanilla creamer, Rice-a-roni Spanish rice, Nellies Harvard beets, General Mills flour) These are only a few examples we discovered on Saturday 10/19/2019. The spaces are there but NO PRODUCT. Is it possible that most of the employees are shopping for customers who now call in their orders for pickup?

Our store has multiple employees doing this and blocking the isles for customers who come to their stores and support Wal Mart. I along with other will consider purchasing all our groceries from Publix.


I stopped going to Walmart. Waist of time and gas to go and not get what is needed. Kind of hope this puts them out of business, since the company doesn't care about the customer.


I have been visiting the Germantown, Wisconsin ( Milwaukee suburb) store since it opened - 15 years ago? and it's previous location in Menomonee Falls, WI since it was opened in the 1990's?.

The last 60 days the shelves are empty. When asked if they are doing inventory or remodeling the employees claim there was a run on the products the day before.

It is all over the store: groceries, pharmaceuticals, electronics. I will no longer shop there.


I have been going through the same thing so I will also go to Publix and get ALL my shopping done in 1 shot!


Same with Ohio. It is very frustrating when you cannot get everything on your list because they are consistently out of the items I buy.

I have to go to Kroger a lot to pick up the stuff I cannot find. If it keeps up, I will just switch to going to Kroger for all my groceries.


We went shopping in Clearwater, FL Wal-Mart today and shelves were cool empty. I asked the checkout girl why and she just shrugged.

We had to go to another store to finish our shopping.

It's annoying. Plus there are no employees around, except the ones blocking the aisle with giant carts shopping for pickup orders.


Many of the women in our group have also noticed this and have started shopping elsewhere as a result.


3 Walmart's close by all same problem. Walmart in Clarkston,Wa, Pullman, Wa and Moscow, Idaho all failing to stock basic items, all failing to have ANY staff. All failing, colossally!


The same thing is going on in south Mississippi. I will be doing most of my shopping in locally owned stores from now on.

It's ridiculous they can't (or won't) keep the shelves stocked. They also have eliminated many items they once carried. They will be puzzled when nobody shops there anymore.

Complete hassle to check out also. Not worth my time and hard earned money.


Same with our Walmart and it's a newer store. Shelves are always empty and never seem to be stocked back. I gave up and went back to shopping at Shoprite.


The Walmarts here in West Central Indiana are awful!!


Yes we are having the same problem with all the Walmart’s in our area (SW Florida) We went yesterday and back today and they still had not stocked the items we needed. We left and bought them at Publix.


It’s happening all over, and it’s not just Walmart. People are talking about it on YouTube.


Still a problem in 2019. Just this past weekend my local wally world was empty shelves everywhere.

Sept. 2019.


Same in Alaska past 6 months.


Same in Bryan and Defiance Ohio stores - just wish Wal*Mart would have the decency to reply with a reasonable answer (if there is one)


Very annoyed, each week empty shelves! Having to go to another store to finish my shopping for basics like; creamer, toilet paper, coffee, soda, deodorant, hair spray, etc...

Its become a topic among friends about why this is happening.

Moved on to Winco. Medford, Oregon.


It’s not just Walmart. It’s grocery chains all over the country having this problem. People are talking about it on YouRube.


If your local Walmart is closed at night, you will find that merchandise is being worked in morning and does not make it on the shelves in time. However, the biggest issue is that the Walmart distribution center is simply not shipping the items needed to the stores.

Also, in our smaller super center, many items have been eliminated. This is to streamline online shopping in hopes to have items in stock. The less variety items to stock means they can bulk up on rest of items and keep in stock easier. At our store, for example, all varieties of Smart Ones frozen dinners were eliminated except for one - Three Ziti...

It was just in the last couple days that our Walmart has filled it's shelves. You will also see empty shelves in areas where they are changing and rearranging.


Sick of it!!!!