Walmart for the last year or so has consistently had empty shelves. And no one in any of the isles to ask if they are out or to get something off the top shelf.

This makes me go to other grocery stores when i leave Walmart to finish my grocery list. Its not one or two items every time i go, its multiple things they are out of. Ive attached these photos for others to see and that is not all if the pictures I took. I took 16 pictures througjout the store today but cant upload all if them.

I have complained to employees there but it does no good cause evidently Walmart is not listening to their employees. Walmart cannot say well, this was due to the weekend, no this is anyday if the week. Been shopping there for 17 years and now Im done. You will not see empty shelves in other grocery stores.

Cant wait till the new Publics is finished being built. Does anyone else have this problem with the Walmart they go to?.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yes, I have see this where I live and multiple times. I have seen their normal bread of white and wheat completely wiped out multiple times.

I have been wondering what is going on myself. It used to be full all the time and very well stocked.


I agree and Wal-Mart has become my LAST go to store..if it's not filthy and a mess...or rude customer service....it's empty shelves! Going to This store literally makes my blood boil and B.Js has become my main place of shop!

This is a super center...No reason for shelves to be so empty every and any day of the week! Are they too lazy to re stock or what the *** is going on???

All the money they bring in???? Obviously they don't care about us customers but I'm done with this *** hole....every last location !


What law says you have to shop at Walmart? If you don't like it, go elsewhere.

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