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I have tended to like our neighborhood Walmart...Till today that is. Many empty shelves with small signs stating that item is out of stock.

Never seen that before there.

In the condiment aisle there was 1 jar of sweet pickles. Not one brand or type, but one single lonely jar of sweet pickles!

Made me wonder if there was a recall going on, but when going to Albertsons, they are fully stocked.

Many of the other aisles at Walmart were the same....I asked the cashier what was up with all of the empty shelves, and she acted as if she had no clue it was going on. This is obviously not a "stocking problem" nor an issue related to customers buying online affecting brick and mortor stores, but what is it?

El Paso Texas Redd and Resler

Reason of review: empty shelves.

Preferred solution: stock your shelves.

Walmart Pros: Location.

Walmart Cons: Empty shelves.

  • Empty Shelves In Stores
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