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Why is it so hard for Walmart to keep product shelves? Every time i go there to purchase something they are usually out of things that I need.

They don't want anyone questioning why the shelves are empty. When you ask they usually say it is on the truck or it will be here next week.

Since this has been happening i been increasing my purchases from Amazon. Walmart must not want to stay in business.

Reason of review: Empty shelves.

Preferred solution: Keep products on shelves.

Walmart Pros: Close to home.

Walmart Cons: That they wont take resposibility.

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It is now very common for retail stores like Walmart to manage their inventory using the "just in time" or similar system. That means they have a small inventory in the back and order stock to arrive and immediately be put on the shelves instead of storing alot of things in the back of the store.

The employees who say "it is on the truck" or "it will arrive tomorrow, etc." are thus correct. You can look up this inventory management system if you wish a more detailed explanation of how it works.

Or, given that you are complaining about Walmart, perhaps they have the items in the back but the employees haven't bothered to go back there and get the stuff to put on the shelves. They are too busy texting on their cell phones about how cruel it is to not make "a living wage" they really have no time to do the job they are being paid for.