Ruston, Louisiana
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Too many hypocrites employed there. Bullied, used, and abused

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And look,Corporate is out here insulting people,and they expect people to buy from them??


When the computers were down, I was told I could not pick up my prescriptions. This upset me because it was something I needed.

I said, "what if this was an emergency?" I was told even if it was they could not give me my prescription (which was ready, and I had been texted that it was). I asked the pharmacist if he could give me a few pills to see me through a couple of nights. He coldly said he could not because the computers were down. I felt that he spoke coldly and non-compassionate to an 83 year old customer who was clearly upset.

Because I am bi-polar I "lost it." He then accused me of being drunk. Then I started yelling at him out of control of my behavior. I do not drink, by the way. I was in the throes of a breakdown, and had to sit down because I was sobbing.

This could have all been avoided if Darren had just been more compassionate to an elderly sick woman. Customer service is so important in our unfriendly and scary world today. I'm surprised he didn't get a gun and shoot me. I have NEVER IN MY ENTIRE 83 YEARS, yelled at anyone.

I will NEVER step foot in this store again. I will no longer get prescriptions filled there either.

Thank you for letting me vent. Sincerely, A very embarrassed and distressed former customer.

@Louise Williams

I'm pretty sure they're happy that you will never set foot in the place again. It isn't their fault that someone waited until they were out before re-filling a much needed script.

That's totally on you or whoever allowed this to happen. This person isn't going to lose their job out of a "compassion" for someone who is clearly an entitled psycho who loves to blame their bad behavior on an illness. On the upside, you win the award for trying to pad out your complaint by pulling the "elderly" card.

No one cares.... Stay home if you don't know how to act.