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Ordered a Cell phone on line but never got an invoice email confirmation or confirmation page. I just sent me back to the home page. I checked my bank account on line but not charge was made.

Next step I decided to call the support phone number and got one of the most awkward, blundering, inept, stuttering, ungraceful, void of any customer service skills what so ever female that kept asking me the same information repeatedly and getting it wrong.

She would constantly thank me every time I gave her any info. It was beyond reasonable. Then she would put me on hold and thank me. She asked me what information I enter on the website. I don't even know what that means unless she's never seen what an on line order form looks like. She passed me off to a "supervisor" who asked me the same questions but only half as many times. They put me on hold so I got to enjoy their hold music which was so loud, that it was distorted, I had to hold the phone away from my face about 6 inches.

The "supervisor" then told me they have NO record of this purchase and will need to use a "special tool" to find out. At this point I was over it and kind of made my decision about Straight Talk. These people have no business being in customer service or communications

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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