Neenah, Wisconsin

I purchased the New Formula" hand soap. Was disappointed as it flows like water and not like the gel I was used to.

When you pump it from your dispenser - it shoots out and all over. I use this soap in several dispensers in my home and business. I'll no longer purchase this from Walmart. I'm sure one of the competitors has a brand with a thicker consistency.

I'm truly disappointed that Walmart would make the mistake of watering down a good hand soap as they did.

The new formula is terrible - but I'm sure the review board is proud of the cost savings to the stock holders for this new watered down brand!!

Monetary Loss: $7.

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You get what you pay for. Do you also go to Mcdonald's and expect waitress/waiter service and a five course meal for $2.99


When you buy the cheap brand if course you should expect it to be a cheaper product. How else do you think they could sell it for less money?


Her post indicates she's is disappointed to find that a previously satisfactory product has now become unuseable, due to the new formula being watered down.

IMHO, the Chinese Factory producing this concoction probably realized they could increase profit by watering down the soap; they may have slowly began adding a bit more water per batch, until they couldn't add any more.

We don't always purchase the same brand every time. Sometimes we go back to one we remember liking. If we buy it after the dilution was at the highest, after using the original, the flaw will be very noticeable. Walmart probably thinks losing a few faithful customers won't matter (and those shoppers might go for the name brand), and the customers who always bought the store brand never noticed the dilution taking place.

Just a theory. Hopefully one day Walmart will go away, but only if we find a way to support smaller companies.

The current economy dictates that a huge number of people will not ever quit Walmart, and that could even get worse, sadly. At least this soap might go away, by those who discover it has changed drastically not buying it.

Which is the whole reason for this forum, right? Thanks to the OP, you've enlightened at least one consumer